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Kickstart Workflow Automation With Getfieldy Field Team Platform

Tools for workflow management automate routine, predictable processes. Workflow tools do more than only replace ineffective paper-based procedures; they also initiate the process’s subsequent phases automatically. Teams may work together more effectively thanks to these technologies.

Workflow automation software ensures the person in charge of the following job is informed and has the information necessary to carry out their portion of the workflow when an individual or team has concluded their work.

Getfieldy Workflow Builder’s Seamless Workflow Automation

Citizen developers in your company may easily and intuitively construct processes and forms using GetFieldy’s no-code field service platform. Almost any repetitive, normal operation may be streamlined and automated with the help of our workflow builder, including work order dispatch, job completion, and sign-off workflows.

Using GetFieldy for workflow management ensures technician satisfaction. The productivity of your field service professional is substantially increased since they are entirely aware of the job being done. When one activity is finished, the following one is automatically allocated, saving time.

For the back office, there are other advantages as well. You may automate your company procedures and processes using GetFieldy. Our technology guarantees that you are better prepared to automate the gathering, dissemination, and analysis of field data.

The result is the ability to swiftly make real-time, data-informed business choices based on insights from what is occurring in the field, which goes beyond just eliminating paper-based processes.

Automate Data Population

Each day, technicians are expected to complete 5–10 work order forms. For folks who prefer working with their hands and have little free time, that is a huge amount of data to report every day, and with Fieldy’s reporting software, you can automate reports with real-time data.

Service request forms are as distinctive as the fields in which they are employed. While some organizations employ checklists or calculated statistics, others utilize photographs, barcodes, or numerous signatories.

By utilizing GetFieldy to automatically fill out the same data on many forms, repetitive data entry may be automated. By doing this, technicians may spend less time on the field and your data’s overall accuracy will increase.

Streamline Data Sourcing

GetFieldy is a mobile app that field service personnel may use to instantly gather and share information with anybody in your business who needs it. Workflow automation is indeed the solution for getting rid of human mistakes or duplications when gathering important data.

Techs have the authority to include barcodes and photographic proof in their repair orders. They may also start downstream workflows using their mobile devices’ parts requisition, quotation, and equipment survey features.

They can record jobs accomplished, time spent, components utilized, and any difficulties found, as well as guidelines and information for fulfilling work orders on a site.

Keep Data Updated In All Back-Office Systems

Your field processes most likely include the usage of three or even more back-office platforms. Additionally, your technicians or managers likely take time to manually update data in all these platforms for each job order they complete. They have gathered data through paper forms, but it’s compartmentalized and unable to give context to those who want it.

GetFieldy helps automate the generation, modifications, and closure of work orders by integrating with virtually any back-office platform, like your FSM, ERP, and CRM. Without the need for manual labor, current, accurate information is updated throughout all platforms. The whole lifespan of a field service work order is more productive because of better workflow management.

Recurring Maintenance Schedules For Support

Maybe your field service company does routine upkeep on your assets or equipment. To free up your field service manager’s time, automate a regular maintenance plan rather than manually arrange work orders. By doing this, you’ll also make sure that all of your historical records are kept together and easily accessible.

Workflow technologies may also be used to optimize other resources related to this process, such as finding the best expert or team for the project and making sure the technician performing the service has the necessary training.

Remotely Monitor Asset Conditions

Tracking asset conditions to help with safety inspections, and regulatory, or environmental inspections are major problems for several sectors. Automated remote asset monitoring is made feasible by the connectivity afforded by IoT. Field technicians and management can quickly address problems before they exist if they get real-time notifications when sensors or temperature measurement is outside of the normal range or when an event occurs.

Distribute Reports To Outside Stakeholders

Workflow automation does more than just allow field technicians to perform at the highest level. With GetFieldy, you could automatically send documents and form submissions including field data to clients, partners, suppliers, and regulatory bodies.

A citizen developer, for instance, may quickly create a unique EHS process software. This workflow application helps to automate compliance reports and streamline data collecting. You may quickly pivot if regulatory requirements change to make sure everyone receives the correct information.


Getfieldy is an imaginative field team platform that offers a comprehensive solution to boost productivity and efficiency. It has a wide range of features to automate and facilitate your workflow and help you save time and cost.

With its intuitive interface, powerful automation tools, and real-time analytics, Getfieldy can help you take your workflow automation to the next level. With its easy setup, intuitive drag-and-drop design, and fast implementation, Get Fieldy for free and kickstart your workflow automation journey.

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