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Travel Time Distance Coverage

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Streamlining Field Service Tracking with Our Total
Travel time and Distance Feature

Our cutting-edge Total Distance Travelled and Total Travel time Tracking feature is designed to help your business optimize its field force operations. With this advanced tool, you can easily track and calculate the total distance travelled and time spent on travel by your field force, enabling you to make informed decisions that enhance customer experience and reduce operational costs.

By accurately tracking the performance of your field force, you can monitor their progress and identify areas for improvement. This feature provides invaluable insights into the efficiency of your field force operations, allowing you to assign routes efficiently, reduce travel time and improve overall performance.  The best part is, when the technician is dispatched, your customer will receive an Estimated Time Of Arrival (ETA) alert notification to keep them updated about the technician’s whereabouts. Fieldy enables you to have real-time visibility into the exact location of the technician improving the technician’s safety. With ETA, you can promptly inform clients about any potential delays, giving them the option to reschedule or make alternative arrangements. This level of transparency builds trust and strengthens your customer relationships.

Field Service Tracking Software Track Your Team’s Movement For Improved Efficiency

By implementing accurate field force tracking, users gain a comprehensive view of the location of their field resources. This real-time visibility allows businesses to have a clear understanding of where their technicians or employees are at any given moment. With a comprehensive view, they can efficiently allocate resources, coordinate tasks, and make informed decisions based on the current location of their field force. This level of visibility helps streamline operations and improve overall productivity.

Field force tracking enhances scheduling and dispatching processes. With real-time information on the location and availability of field resources, businesses can optimize scheduling and dispatching operations. They can assign tasks to the nearest available technician, reducing travel time and maximizing productivity. 
Another great feature of field force tracking is the ability to receive alerts for non-compliant routes. Businesses can set up predefined routes or geofences to ensure that their field resources adhere to specific routes or areas of operation. If a technician deviates from the designated route or enters a restricted area, alerts are triggered, notifying the management team. This allows businesses to quickly address any non-compliance issues, take corrective action, and ensure that field resources adhere to operational guidelines and safety protocols.

  • Review travel path
  • Streamline payouts
  • Optimize performance

In addition, our tool helps you calculate mileage payouts based on distance travelled, streamlining your reimbursement processes and ensuring accurate compensation for your employees. This feature saves you time and money, while also providing a valuable incentive for your field force to maintain optimal performance.

Overall, our Total Distance Travelled Tracking feature offers a powerful, efficient, and cost-effective solution for managing your field force operations. Experience the benefits of this cutting-edge tool today and take your business to new heights of success.

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Why Choose Fieldy For Field Service

With Fieldy you can Upgrade your field force management with our Total Distance Travelled and Time Tracking feature and revolutionize the way you operate. The Total Distance Travelled Tracking feature offers a range of benefits that can help you optimize your field force operations.

Customer experience

Improved Customer Experience

By tracking and calculating the total distance and time spent on travel by your field force, optimizing routes to reduce travel time, updating customers about the estimated time of arrival (ETA), and providing alerts when technicians are nearby, experiencing delays, or when appointments need to be rescheduled, you can provide accurate information on job planning to your customers. This comprehensive approach not only helps set clear expectations but also enables you to provide timely updates if there are any changes to the plan. By leveraging these features, you can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring efficient and transparent communication throughout the service process

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Field service tracking operational cost

Reduced Operational

With our Total Travel Distance and Time Tracking feature, you can assign routes more efficiently, reducing the travel time of your field force. This can result in significant cost savings, as you’ll spend less on fuel, vehicle maintenance, and other expenses associated with travel. Additionally, by streamlining your reimbursement processes, you can reduce administrative costs, saving you time and money.

field service tracking performance monitoring

Enhanced Performance Monitoring

 By accurately tracking the performance of your field force, you can make data-driven decisions to improve their efficiency and productivity. You can identify areas for improvement, provide targeted training and support, and optimize your field force operations. Additionally, by calculating mileage payouts based on distance travelled, you can incentivize your team to perform at their best, ensuring that you get the most value from your investment in your field force

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Revolutionize Your Field Force Operations with Fieldy’s Total Distance Travelled Tracking Feature

With the  Total Distance Travelled Tracking feature! you’ll get accurate data on travel time and distance, making it easy to assign routes efficiently and reduce operational costs. Plus, you’ll enhance customer experience with timely job planning information, while also streamlining performance monitoring and reimbursement processes. Upgrade your field force management today and take your business to the next level! By providing accurate data on travel time and distance, this tool enables you to assign routes more efficiently, reduce operational costs, and enhance customer experience.

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