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Field Service Technician Tracking Software

Optimized Distance Tracking & Time Management for Field Technicians

  • Enable real-time distance calculation
  • Track distance from dispatch to job initiation
  • Display distance in technician's web profile
  • Track distance only during active work hours
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Field Service Tracking Software

Explore Our Field Service Technician Tracking Software in Action

Experience the future of field service management with our innovative tracking system. Watch our demo video to see how we seamlessly calculate and display travel distances, ensuring optimal efficiency for technicians on the move.

Advanced Technician Dispatch and Tracking Solutions

Explore our innovative software, designed to optimize technician dispatch and travel with real-time GPS tracking, automated distance calculations, and seamlessly integrated route planning.
Real time GPS tracking

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Navigate with precision using real-time GPS to monitor technician routes. This feature ensures accurate and efficient travel from dispatch to job site.

Distance Calculation

Automated Distance Calculation

Experience hassle-free distance tracking from the moment of dispatch. Our system automatically calculates the total distance, enhancing accuracy and accountability.

Seamless profile integration

Seamless Profile Integration

Witness the convenience of auto-updated travel distances directly in the technician's web profile. This integration offers clear insights into each journey.

Work Tracking

Work Hour Tracking

Utilize the availability toggle to differentiate between work and personal travel. This feature ensures that distance tracking aligns with active work hours only.

Route Planning

Efficient Route Planning

Enhance operational efficiency with optimized route planning. Our system helps technicians choose the best routes, saving time and resources.

Travel Analytics

Comprehensive Travel Analytics

Gain valuable insights with detailed travel analytics. Understand travel patterns, time management, and areas for improvement through comprehensive data analysis.

Enhancing Business Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction through Tracking Software

Explore how our advanced tracking features bridge the gap between operational efficiency and customer experience.

Accurate Tracking

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Industries We Serve

Explore how Fieldy caters to various industries, delivering tailored solutions that optimize field service management. We adapt to your industry's unique needs, enhancing productivity and efficiency across the board.

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In the HVAC sector, Fieldy streamlines scheduling, tracking, and billing for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professionals.

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Fieldy empowers plumbing professionals with smart scheduling, real-time tracking, and seamless invoicing.

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Pest Control

Fieldy revolutionizes pest control operations with streamlined scheduling, precise tracking, and effortless invoicing.

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Home Improvement

In the home improvement sector, Fieldy simplifies scheduling, tracking, and invoicing for professionals.

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Field Service Management FAQ

Find answers to your queries in our comprehensive FAQ section, designed to provide insights into our field service management software.

The Travel Time Distance Coverage feature in our Field Service Tracking Software is designed to accurately track and record the distance a technician travels from the moment they are dispatched for a job until they start the job. This helps in managing travel logistics and billing more efficiently.

The distance tracking starts when the technician is dispatched for a job. It ends when the technician arrives at the job site and presses the "Start" button to begin the job. This ensures that the travel time is recorded precisely from dispatch to job commencement.

The travel distance data is visible in the technician's profile on the web interface of the Field Service Tracking Software. This allows for easy access and review of the distance covered by each technician for each job.

Yes, for the Travel Time Distance Coverage feature to function correctly, the technician’s availability must be set to 'On' in the system. This ensures that the software accurately tracks the technician’s travel only when they are available and assigned to a job.

A: This feature benefits field service operations by providing accurate data on the travel distance and time of technicians. This information is crucial for optimizing routes, managing workloads, and ensuring accurate billing for travel time. It enhances overall operational efficiency and transparency in field services.