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Benefits And Impacts Of Using Mobile Field Service Apps – Perspective Of Field Technicians

Field service management software has indeed revolutionized the field service business. And, mobile field service app plays a prominent role in the ever-evolving field service industry. Is mobilizing field workers the fastest way to digital transformation? Yes, indeed. Because field technicians are the face and voice of organizations as they face customers on-site.

Since field service software has emerged as the game changer in the field service industry, more than 48% of businesses have already reaped its benefits and transformed the way they work. Mobile field service has become an integral part of the field service world. It enables technicians to access and update work orders and 360-degree customer information and seamlessly communicate with fellow workers and clients in real-time, allowing them to perform tasks more efficiently than ever.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through what a field service app is, its benefits, its impact on technicians’ and businesses’ growth, and how field service technicians benefit from using a mobile field service system.

Mobile Field Service App: An Introduction

The mobile field service app is designed to help technicians and managers streamline field service operations with ease. It helps field personnel access real-time data and stay connected with customers. The field service mobile system allows your technicians to update work orders, automate repetitive tasks, optimize routes, and improve their work efficiency and first-time fix rates with access to real-time information.

Benefits Of A Mobile Field Service App

Transparency And Accountability

Have you ever thought about connecting all your field technicians simultaneously, instructing them on their upcoming tasks, and optimizing their routes to reach customers faster? If you haven’t thought about it, you can do it all. The field service system enables field personnel to communicate with their fellow technicians and managers more efficiently, resulting in an increased workflow.

Field service mobile applications create a collaborative work environment between technicians and managers. With the help of mobile field force management, you can keep everyone on the same page, prevent problems, and improve the customer experience.

Lower The Margin Of Error

Mobile workforce checklists let you attach them to work orders, inventory, and jobs for technicians to reduce errors by a margin. Real-time data, including job updates, customer information, equipment, and work orders, allows field personnel to make informed decisions. That helps your technicians resolve issues quickly, minimize downtime, and reduce errors.

Go Paperless

Going paperless allows you to streamline your field operations and improve your technician’s efficiency. Field service automation is one of the benefits that lessens the time spent on recurring work such as scheduling, dispatching, and invoicing. Automate scheduling and dispatching with ease with field service scheduling software like Fieldy.

Quicker Response To Customers

Responding faster to customers’ requests is most likely to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer retention. Field service mobile applications provide real-time information to respond promptly to unplanned tasks or emergencies. With access to service histories, your technicians can make informed decisions. With the help of the field service mobile app, technicians can update their customers regarding appointment status, send on-the-way texts, estimate the time of arrival, and also enable them to fix problems quickly, which improves the customer experience.

The Impact Of Mobile Field Force

The field service mobile app has an impact on both technicians and organizations. Field service software has become the go-ahead wand of the field service management business. Here are some of the reasons why the field service app is a point of difference:

Enhanced Efficiency

By streamlining processes and automating recurring tasks, allowing your field force to work quickly and accurately. That allows them to be more efficient and productive.

Better Communication

The field service app keeps technicians, managers, and customers on the same page, which reduces misunderstandings and delays in completing work orders. Better communication means better workflow and better workflow probably results in increased ROI.

Lessened Errors

To err is human. But using an automated field service management app is the key to reducing the likelihood of errors and saving time. That reduces the need for follow-ups and rework.

Reporting Made Easy

Still, reporting your daily tasks with a bag full of papers? Reporting is a time-consuming process, from entering customer details to completing work detail. The field service mobile system allows you to prepare detailed and accurate data-driven reports in just a few clicks with updated customer information, work details, and payment details.

Unmatchable Customer Service

The field service app with integrated CRM gives you access to detailed customer information and provides excellent customer service. With customer information and pre-service history in hand, you can complete the work more efficiently and improve customer satisfaction.

Mobile Field Service App Through The Lens Of Field Technicians

From the view of field technicians, the field service mobile app has unparalleled capabilities that help them to work efficiently and effectively. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, here’s what field technicians gain from using mobile field service:

Access Customer Information And History

According to Finances Online, 54% of technicians say a pre-visit review of service history is their toughest challenge.

Isn’t it awesome to get all your customer service history with a few clicks rather than calling your back office every single minute to find out what service was provided earlier, who provided it, and what his comments were on the previous work?

That is why field technicians like to work with a field service app that assists them in delivering exceptional customer service through quality work. With access to centralized customer information and service history, field staff can make informed decisions and complete the job effectively.

Enter Customer Notes

The adoption of field service apps has led to a 34% reduction in manual data entry. (Source: Aberdeen Group)

Gone are the days of paper-based reporting and analysis. Now you can send reports and receive feedback from customers easily, thanks to the mobile field service app.

Upload Pictures Or Videos Of The Work Being Performed

Wouldn’t it be great to record all the work you are doing and upload them straight into the cloud? The field service app lets you take pictures and videos to document every job, so any questions or queries can be answered easily.

Record The Time Spent On Each Task

According to a survey conducted by Salesforce, mobile field force apps have reduced the average time to complete a work order by 18%.

Recording time spent on every task is one of the special things about having a mobile field force. Recording time spent on tasks is one of the metrics that allows field managers to identify field technicians’ KPIs, such as mean time to completion, average response time, average repair time, first-time fix rate, and more.

Receive Updates On The Status Of Active Jobs

Imagine, Suppose you are involved in an HVAC maintenance project, and while working on it, the client shares additional information about the project with the back office or customer support department, but you remain unaware of these updates. After completing the task, you proceed to your next job. However, later on, you receive a call requiring you to return and work on the project again.

Well, we’ve been there too. So this is where the FSM mobile app comes into play and builds a bridge between technician and customer to streamline communication and update them regarding the active jobs. This helps technicians reduce downtime and build rapport with customers.

Submit Completed Work Orders

Are you still running to the back office to submit your completed work orders? From order to cash process, everything can be done with just a few clicks. The field service app allows technicians to receive work orders, send invoices, and collect payments on the spot after completing the task.

Get Directions To The Next Job Location

Tired of finding routes to your next job location? With the advent of field service technology, it’s a piece of cake for technicians to find their upcoming job locations, optimize their routes, and complete more orders in less time.

Field service apps with geo-location features provide turn-by-turn directions to your next job location, ensuring the quickest, trafficless, and most efficient route. That helps field workers take on jobs effectively and significantly reduce missed or delayed appointments.

View Inventory Levels

The field service app gives them real-time access to inventory levels, allowing them to decide which part of the equipment they need to complete the work. By having the information ready, technicians can save time and improve efficiency. With the help of an inventory management system, field workers can get their job done on time.

Less Paperwork For Field Techs

The less paperwork, the more fieldwork. It is good for business and field workers to let them do what they do best. Using the Field Service Management app automates most of the data entry and recurring work that is to be done in the field and minimizes downtime. Automating repetitive tasks reduces human error and keeps your data accurate and organized.

Final Thoughts

As we can see above, it’s crystal clear that the mobile field service app has put technicians in the driver’s seat. Mobile field force has given technicians the superpower ability to access real-time data, receive instant updates on tasks, and have seamless communication, assisting them to complete jobs more efficiently and effectively.

It has also increased transparency and accountability in the field service management industry. As technology continues to evolve, it’s no surprise to expect more advancements, such as AR and VR, to help technicians perform complicated tasks with ease.

Haven’t you tried Fieldy yet? You might be missing out on something big. Fieldy, with its next-gen features, is helping businesses of all sizes in their digital transformation by automating tedious work, from quote-to-work orders to invoices, completing payments with fewer clicks, and more. Sign up for a free trial or book a free demo and explore what Fieldy does best.

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