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Frequently Asked Questions

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Mobile App
Online Booking
Travel Time and Distance Coverage
Field Service GPS Tracking
Field Service Quoting Software

Can Fieldy's mobile app be used for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Fieldy's mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, providing flexibility and accessibility for field staff using different mobile platforms.

What advantages does the travel optimization feature in Fieldy offer?

The travel optimization feature in Fieldy helps field teams plan efficient routes, reducing travel time and fuel costs. This optimization contributes to increased productivity and cost savings for service enterprises.

How does GPS tracking in Fieldy enhance field force management?

Fieldy's GPS tracking feature allows businesses to monitor the real-time location of field staff, ensuring optimal route planning, improving accountability, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Does Fieldy offer integration capabilities with other business tools or software?

Fieldy supports integration with other tools and software, streamlining workflows and enhancing connectivity across different business applications to create a cohesive and efficient ecosystem.

How does Fieldy's team management feature contribute to operational efficiency?

Fieldy's team management feature enables businesses to assign tasks, track performance, and optimize work distribution, fostering collaboration and improving overall team efficiency in field service operations.


Can I import customer data from both software and spreadsheets simultaneously?

Yes, Fieldy supports the import of customer data from various sources. You can import data from your existing software and spreadsheets concurrently to streamline the process.

How do I migrate my bulk customer data to Fieldy?

Fieldy provides a seamless data migration process. You can use the import feature and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the user guide for a quick and efficient transfer.

Can I generate and share Job card reports with clients after completing a service?

Yes, Fieldy facilitates the generation of Job card reports. Once a job is successfully completed, you can generate a report with all the relevant details and share it directly with your clients through the Fieldy platform.

What security measures are in place to protect customer data during the migration process?

Fieldy prioritizes data security. During the migration process, data is encrypted and follows industry-standard security protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of customer information.

How can I ensure a smooth transition for my staff when adopting Fieldy for real-time sync and other features?

Fieldy provides comprehensive training materials and support for staff transitioning to the platform. Training sessions, user guides, and a responsive support team are available to assist with any questions or concerns, ensuring a smooth transition for your team.


Can I track the history of changes made to an invoice, including terms and conditions, in Fieldy?

Yes, in Fieldy, the system keeps a detailed history log, allowing you to track all changes made to an invoice, including modifications to terms and conditions.

Is there an option to set automatic tax calculations based on predefined rates in Fieldy?

Yes, in Fieldy, the system supports automatic tax calculations based on predefined rates, streamlining the invoicing process and ensuring accuracy.

How does Fieldy handle overdue invoices, and can I send automatic reminders?

Fieldy can automatically flag overdue invoices, and you can configure reminder notifications to be sent to customers, helping in timely payment collection.

What payment status options are available in Fieldy, and how can I update them?

Fieldy offers payment status options such as "partially paid" and "paid." You can update the payment status based on the payment received from the customer.

Can I save an invoice as a draft and edit it later before finalizing in Fieldy?

Yes, in Fieldy, you can create a drafted version of an invoice, allowing you to make changes or additions before finalizing and sharing it with your customers.

Mobile App

Can I schedule appointments and jobs directly from the Fieldy mobile app?

Yes, scheduling appointments and jobs is a feature available on the Fieldy mobile app to streamline field operations.

What happens if I lose connectivity while using the Fieldy mobile app in the field?

The Fieldy mobile app is designed to handle intermittent connectivity, and any data entered or updated will sync once a stable connection is reestablished.

Can I access the same features on the Fieldy mobile app as on the web platform?

The Fieldy mobile app provides a subset of features available on the web, focusing on essential functionalities for field management.

Is there a user guide or tutorial for using the Fieldy mobile app effectively?

Yes, there should be a user guide or tutorial available in Fieldy to guide users through the features and functionalities of the mobile app.

How can I manage my business from the field using the Fieldy mobile app?

Fieldy's mobile app provides features like invoice creation, job management, and customer interactions to help manage your business remotely.

Online Booking

How does Fieldy's online booking feature work?

Fieldy's online booking feature allows customers to effortlessly schedule jobs online through a user-friendly job booking form on your website. The details are instantly populated in your system for quick dispatch and allocation.

What are the benefits of using Fieldy's online booking feature for businesses?

Fieldy's online booking feature streamlines the appointment booking process, reduces manual scheduling efforts, and extends your online presence, making it easier for customers to request your services.

How does the job booking form work on the business's website?

The job booking form is integrated into the business's website, allowing customers to enter their service requests, contact information, and preferred appointment times. The information is then sent to the business for processing.

What are the advantages of QR code-enabled job scheduling?

QR code-enabled job scheduling simplifies the service request experience. Customers can scan a QR code displayed at the business's physical location or in marketing materials to initiate the booking process quickly.

Can customers book jobs through multiple online platforms with Fieldy's feature?

Yes, customers can book jobs across various online platforms, including the business's website and social media accounts, making it more convenient for them.


What pricing options does Fieldy offer?

Fieldy provides tailored plans, including Starter, Team, Powerhouse, and Enterprise, each priced to meet diverse business requirements.

How does the Drag and Drop - Dispatch feature work in the Starter Plan?

The Drag and Drop - Dispatch feature in the Starter Plan simplifies task management. You can easily assign and reassign tasks by dragging and dropping them in an intuitive interface.

Are there any additional fees or hidden costs associated with the Powerhouse Plan?

Our pricing is transparent, and there are no hidden fees. The listed user pricing of $350 per user per month covers the specified features of the Powerhouse Plan.

How does the pricing structure work for the Enterprise Plan with Fieldy?

The pricing for the Enterprise Plan with Fieldy is determined based on the specific features and level of customization you require. Our team will discuss your needs in detail to provide you with a personalized pricing quote.

Can I add or remove users easily in the Team Plan with Fieldy?

Yes, you have flexibility in managing users in the Team Plan with Fieldy. Adjustments to the user count will be reflected in the billing at ₹650 per user per month.


Can multiple technicians be assigned to the same job?

Yes, you can assign multiple technicians to a single job, creating what is known as a 'Crew'. This feature is useful for jobs that require more manpower.

How do I schedule a job for a specific date and time?

When creating a job, you can specify the desired date and time. The 'To Date and Time' is an optional field, allowing for flexible scheduling.

What if a job requires a longer time frame?

For jobs that extend over a period, you can use the 'To Date and Time' field to specify an end date and time, although it's optional.

How are technicians listed for job assignments?

Technicians are listed based on the date and time selected for the job. This helps in assigning the most available and appropriate technician for the job.

Is it possible to reschedule a job?

Yes, jobs can be rescheduled by updating the date and time in the job details. This flexibility is crucial for accommodating changes in availability or job requirements.

Can I view the jobs assigned to a specific technician?

Yes, the software allows you to view all jobs assigned to a particular technician, helping in managing workload and schedules efficiently.

What happens if a technician is unavailable for an assigned job?

In cases where a technician is unavailable, you can reassign the job to another technician or adjust the job's scheduling as needed. The software's flexibility aids in handling such situations effectively.

Can I track the progress of a job assigned to a technician or crew?

Yes, the software allows for real-time tracking of job progress when assigned to a technician or crew. This feature helps in monitoring the job's status and ensuring timely completion.

How does the software handle job assignments on holidays or weekends?

The software allows you to schedule jobs on any day, including holidays and weekends. It's important to ensure that the assigned technicians are available on these specific dates.

Is it possible to assign emergency jobs that require immediate attention?

Yes, the software supports the scheduling of emergency jobs. These can be assigned to available technicians who can respond promptly.


How does the job creation process work in the Field Service Dispatching Software?

Once a job is created in the software, it automatically appears under the Dispatch Module, specifically in the Calendar view. This allows for easy tracking and scheduling.

What happens if a job is created with a technician already assigned?

If a job is created with a technician assigned to it, it will also be displayed in the Dispatch Module's Calendar view, indicating the technician's allocation to that specific job.

How can I find jobs assigned to a particular technician?

You can search for a technician using the User Search feature. Once you select a technician from the list, the software will display only the jobs assigned to that specific technician in the calendar view.

Is it possible to manage job assignments directly from the calendar view?

Yes, the calendar view allows users to manage job assignments efficiently. You can unassign, reassign, or reschedule jobs directly from this view.

Can I easily reschedule jobs within the software?

Absolutely. The software provides a user-friendly interface in the calendar view, where you can easily reschedule jobs as needed.

What should I do if I need to reassign a job to a different technician?

To reassign a job to another technician, simply use the calendar view in the Dispatch Module. It provides options to reassign jobs quickly and efficiently.

How do I unassign a technician from a job?

You can unassign a technician from a job directly from the calendar view. This feature allows for flexible management of job assignments.

Can I view all the jobs for a particular day?

Yes, the Calendar view in the Dispatch Module shows all the jobs for any selected day, making it easy to overview daily schedules.

How are unassigned jobs displayed in the software?

Unassigned jobs, like all others, will be displayed in the Calendar view of the Dispatch Module, allowing for easy identification and assignment.

Is the job assignment process user-friendly for new users?

Yes, the software is designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward options to unassign, reassign, and reschedule jobs in the calendar view, catering to both new and experienced users.

Travel Time

What is Travel Time Distance Coverage in field service tracking software?

Travel Time Distance Coverage is determined based on the technician assigned to a job. It tracks the distance covered by the technician from the point of dispatch to the job start location.

How does the tracking of distance begin in this system?

The tracking of distance starts once the technician is dispatched for the job.

When does distance coverage tracking end?

Distance coverage tracking ends when the technician starts the job at the client location.

Can you give an example of how distance coverage is calculated?

For instance, if a technician is dispatched from Egmore and starts the job at CMBT Bus Stand, the system will calculate and record a distance of 8 kilometers.

Where is the distance coverage data displayed?

The calculated distance is displayed in the technician's profile on the web interface of the field service tracking software.

Is there a tracking feature available in the technician's profile?

Yes, tracking is displayed in the technician's profile on the web.

What needs to be enabled for the travel time distance feature to work?

To enable the travel time distance feature, the technician's availability status should be set to 'On' in the system.

Does the system track the exact route taken by the technician?

The system primarily tracks the distance covered from the dispatch point to the job start location, rather than the specific route taken.

How accurate is the distance measurement in this system?

The accuracy of distance measurement depends on the system's design and GPS accuracy, but it generally provides a reliable estimate of the distance covered.

Can this travel data be used for billing or reimbursement purposes?

Yes, the travel data can be utilized for billing or reimbursement purposes, as it provides a record of the distance traveled by the technician for job assignments.

GPS Tracking

What is Field Service Tracking Software and how does it utilize GPS Tracking?

Field Service Tracking Software integrates GPS tracking to allow businesses to view their team and job locations on a map. This enhances operational efficiency by providing real-time location data.

How does GPS Tracking improve scheduling efficiency?

By providing real-time location data of the team and jobs, it enables better scheduling, saving both time and cost. Efficient scheduling means jobs are assigned to the nearest available technician, reducing wait times.

Is additional hardware required for GPS Tracking in Field Service Tracking Software?

No, additional hardware is not required. The GPS tracking feature is integrated as part of the mobile app, making it easy and cost-effective to implement.

What kind of visibility does GPS Tracking offer for field forces?

GPS Tracking offers complete visibility of your field force on a centralized dashboard. This allows for real-time monitoring and better coordination of field activities.

How does GPS Tracking help in saving mileage and fuel costs?

By assigning technicians efficiently based on their location, GPS Tracking helps in reducing unnecessary travel. This results in lower mileage and saves on fuel costs.

Can GPS Tracking in Field Service Tracking Software respond to emergency service requests?

Yes, it enables swift response to unplanned and emergency service requests by locating the nearest technician to the job site, thus improving response times.

How does the GPS feature enhance customer service in field service management?

By ensuring technicians are dispatched efficiently and arrive on time, it enhances customer satisfaction. Real-time tracking also allows customers to be informed about the technician's ETA.

Is the GPS tracking data secure in Field Service Tracking Software?

Yes, the data is securely stored and managed within the software, ensuring confidentiality and privacy of both technicians and clients.

Can I track multiple teams and jobs simultaneously using this software?

Yes, the software allows for tracking multiple teams and jobs simultaneously, providing a comprehensive overview of all field operations on a single dashboard.

What are the benefits of integrating GPS Tracking in Field Service Tracking Software?

The main benefits include improved scheduling efficiency, cost savings, better resource allocation, swift response to emergencies, and enhanced customer service due to real-time location tracking of field personnel.

Quoting Software

Can users create quotes for their customers using this software?

Yes, users can create quotes for their customers using the software. It is designed to facilitate easy and efficient quote generation.

Is it possible to add tax to each product and service in the quotes?

Absolutely. The software allows for the addition of tax to each product and service included in the quote, ensuring accurate and compliant financial details.

Can discounts be applied to products or services in the quotes?

Yes, discounts can be added for every product or service included in the quote, offering flexibility in pricing and promotions.

How can quotes be shared with customers after creation?

Once a quote is created, it can be shared directly with customers. The software likely supports various sharing methods, such as email or direct links.

Does the software provide updates on the status of quotes (accepted or declined)?

Yes, the software provides status updates on whether quotes are accepted or declined by customers, allowing for efficient tracking and follow-up.

Is it possible to download quotes as PDFs after their creation?

Users can download the quotes as PDFs once they are created, making it easy to store, share, or print the quotes as needed.

Can accepted quotes be converted into invoices?

Accepted quotes can be conveniently converted into invoices, streamlining the billing process and reducing manual data entry.

Can the HSN code be added for each product in the quotes?

The software allows for the addition of the HSN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature) code for each product, ensuring compliance with standardized product classification.

Is the software capable of handling multiple product lines and services in a single quote?

While not explicitly stated, most field service quoting software typically allows for multiple products and services to be included in a single quote, catering to diverse customer needs.

Does the software offer customization options for the format and layout of quotes?

While not directly mentioned, many quoting software solutions offer customization options for the format and layout of quotes, allowing businesses to align the documents with their branding and preferences.