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Comprehensive Guide of Field Service KPIs For 2023 To Improve FSM Management

You can learn something from each metric. Although you may theoretically measure every area of your company, in reality, you must decide what to track and why. So how do you figure out which measures are the most important for your company’s growth? What regions need to be kept an eye on?

These concerns apply equally to field operations, and within that framework, we might inquire as to how field service KPIs could be enhanced.

It should be noted that the chosen areas of performance assessment are segregated by role before you discover the most important field service KPIs for field service management. In actuality, the field service KPIs are impacted by every individual in your company, irrespective of how efficient they are. But, you must also include the possibility of some unanticipated events in a service business, such as vehicle failures, postponed appointments, and staff sick time. It is always important to take this into account while doing analysis.

What field service management metrics in field service must you thus keep an eye on to optimize the service process?

Engineers To Schedulers Ratio

The most accurate way to gauge planner/scheduler workload is through this KPI. It is a statistic typically applied to planning maintenance-related operations. One skilled scheduler can arrange the work of 30 technicians in a steady, non-reactive environment.

Amount Of Field Service Jobs Dispatchers Have Completed

Although the tasks are planned for every single day, it doesn’t guarantee that they will be done. The amount of work that gets done is what determines how successful dispatchers are on a daily basis. It demonstrates how many jobs a dispatcher can perform each day, regardless of schedule changes, and it demonstrates their capacity to handle last-minute schedule adjustments.

Number Of Calls Between The Dispatcher And The Technician On Average

You can determine how much time is spent due to extra communication and how this affects service completion by tracking the average number of calls made between dispatchers and technicians.

Ratio Of Rescheduling

The ratio of rescheduled jobs to total tasks reveals the amount of reactive labor required as well as any possible financial losses due to lost hours of work or clients as a consequence of these adjustments.

Percentage Of Field Service Appointments Finished Within A SLA

Monitoring the daily average for service visits and increasing it, say from 5 to 6, will undoubtedly alter the way the service industry operates as a whole. Even 100 workers on the ground imply 100 additional jobs may be finished each day. Client satisfaction and SLA coherence would both be affected by this.

Average Daily Amount Of Work Orders Completed

A firm may maximize the profitability and effectiveness of a service company and enhance its client retention rate by analyzing the first trip success rate. The firm is less vulnerable to possible wasted resources and time for a single issue resolution thanks to the ongoing development of this KPI. It is very important to understand that this rate relies on regular technician training, informed back offices, and up-to-date information.

Mean Time To Finish

The organization has the chance to fulfill more orders per day if it reduces the average time it takes to resolve a problem from incident reporting to resolution. You must take into account every potential area for process speed in order to support this KPI. They include finding the best path to each client’s location and effectively sharing crucial information with technicians and dispatchers.

Vehicles Utilized By Field Services In Number

You need to take into account the vehicles needed to reach each client’s location when assigning each work order. When your business is able to streamline some procedures, such as minimizing needless trips or arranging appointments automatically, the benefit is apparent in lower demand for staff members as well as fewer cars and cheaper fuel expenses.

Consumer Contentment

The key performance indicator (KPI) that has a significant influence on business operability anytime your organization provides services to end clients is how satisfied they are. Managers want to maintain as high a level of client retention as possible since it closely correlates with loyalty. Even when the service is timely and of high quality, there is always another factor that might damage your reputation. It is important to identify these problems as soon as you can so you have time to change your course of action.

Employee Satisfaction

Another KPI that might keep managers up at night is staff retention. People need to remain highly motivated at all times in our fiercely competitive society. Several reasons, including low compensation, a lack of advancement opportunities, a hostile work environment, and even obnoxious coworkers, can contribute to high employee turnover. Managers can implement countermeasures by understanding the attitudes of their workforce.

Observing Scheduled Times

Employee punctuality is where problems with your organizing and the delivery process will first show themselves. Due to the large range of business information it offers, visit time conformance is a crucial component to manage. It provides solutions to managerial queries like, “Is my planning feasible?” Is the work scope understandable and feasible? Is my roster adequately configured with the necessary skills and equipment? Variable visit time conformance is a blatant indication that the system needs to be changed.

The field service delivery process may be optimized on multiple levels by closely monitoring all the specified field service management metrics. The first step in adopting organizational and technological changes is to identify the indicators that have the biggest negative influence on service performance. To make sure the business is moving in the correct path, each development should be compared to the prior outcomes.

Final Thoughts

By providing clear, measurable goals and benchmarks, this guide can help managers identify areas that need improvement and develop strategies to meet those goals, and confidently take their operations to the next level. With a host of advanced features like CRM, Scheduling, dispatch management, invoicing, payment gateway configurations, and more – Fieldy the all-in-one field service software empowers your field force to work efficiently, maximize productivity and deliver growth.

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