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How Field Service Inventory Management Software Can Help Optimize Inventory Management And Reduce Costs

One of the many reasons start-ups fall short is that they do not manage their inventory. And 24% of small businesses track their inventory with pen and paper.

Managing the inventory is a task in itself, and managing it manually requires a lot more manpower, time, and energy, which costs you a lot. Here is where field service management software comes in handy. One of the major advantages of field service software is that they are easy to manage the inventory, and since it is automated, it saves you a lot of time and reduces manpower.

Tired of managing the inventory system manually? Want to optimize your field service inventory management? You are at the right place. Field service software helps you automate the whole inventory management while ensuring the right technician is at the right place with the right tool and knowledge. There a quite a lot of benefits to tracking and managing inventories, and here we’ll illustrate those for you. First, let’s see what is field service inventory management.

What Is Field Service Inventory Management?

Inventory management is a process of keeping track of your equipment, and tools used by the field technicians to complete the task. With field service inventory management software, you can record all the data including equipment transfers, consumption, inventory level, and new inventory needs to complete the job efficiently – providing you with a big picture of the whole inventory level.

Unlike using cards, pens, and paper to manage your inventory, the field service inventory system enables you to automate the entire cycle of inventory management with a few clicks. Let’s take a closer look at how this benefits you.

Being Aware

Maintaining and keeping track of the inventory helps you be aware of what’s in stock and what’s not. Without being aware of the stock, it is difficult to confirm and fulfill orders which defeats the whole purpose of the business.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers request a service, and they wait for the technician to arrive on the scheduled date with the right tools. Without keeping track of the inventory, you can’t dispatch the technicians with the right tool, so they’ve got to run back to get the right tool, it delays the delivery time, which makes the customer refrain from buying your service again and referring you to other people.

Prompt delivery is something that everyone loves, and delivering a great customer experience will bring you more business and clients, which increases revenue.


Businesses need to strike the perfect balance between demand and supply. Inventory management plays a major role in keeping the stocks in check. Keeping the inventory in check gives you a clear idea of what is high in demand and what is not, and you can proceed accordingly. With an automated field service asset management system, you can dispatch technicians to the right spot with the right tools on-demand, and deliver a great customer experience.

Minimize Loss

Feel like spending a lot on your inventories? Sometimes, almost all businesses invest in purchasing tools that might not have high demand. If you keep the inventory in check, it eliminates the confusion and gives you a clear idea of what tools you need not to produce more which saves you from loss. With an intelligent mobile field force app, you have access to real visibility of equipment, where they’re located, and their movement. Reducing overstocking tools helps you cut costs by 10%.

Increases Productivity

With a well-maintained inventory, it takes you very less time to track tools, and dispatch technicians to the right place with the right tools. If the tool you need isn’t available, you can see when it’ll be available and schedule work orders based on that to deliver great customer service.


Since every minute detail about the inventory is; ready tracked by the software, you need not spend a lot of time doing it manually, which saves you plenty of time that you can spend on other aspects of the business like expanding your business reach and upscaling it to bring more profit.

Warehouse Management

Managing and maintaining a warehouse is a tedious task, and tracking the inventory does help you a lot with it. Most small and mid-scale businesses have a small warehouse, and keeping it organized is a task. By properly tracking the inventory, you can maintain the warehouse well organized.

Save Money

Inventory management has been a time-sensitive and labor-intensive one. Saving time and resources is directly proportional to increasing ROI. In addition, since every little detail about the inventory is available on the software for you, you can cut down on the staff there and assign them other tasks that need to be done.

How Filedy Can Help Inventory Management

Looking for affordable field service software to manage your inventory levels and streamline business operations? Fieldy is a great fit for you, especially if you are a small to mid-scale business. Our inventory management system enables you to reduce costs, minimize overstocking inventory, prevent delays, and deliver a great customer experience.


Managing and stocking up the inventory is one the crucial tasks of running a business, and it is quite a tedious task to do it manually. The field service inventory management software helps you manage the inventories and keeps track of them with just a few clicks. Save time and reduce your spending while increasing your field technician’s productivity with a robust field service inventory management system.

With Fieldy, you can automate scheduling and dispatching, significantly reduce downtime and improve the efficiency of your field workforce. Our all-in-one, user-friendly field service software is what you need to boost your team’s productivity and business growth. Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how our software streamlines your inventory management end-to-end.

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