4 Ways to improve and increase field service customer satisfaction




January 12, 2022

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Customer satisfaction is critical to every company’s long-term survival, but it’s especially critical for field service companies. Customer satisfaction, which is a measure of how satisfied someone is with your product or service, their whole experience, and your company as a whole, may have a significant influence on your bottom line. It has an impact on everything from customer retention and brand loyalty to reputation and recommendations, so it’s critical to assess where your firm thrives and where it falls short when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES) are a few useful KPIs to focus on as you try to enhance your field service customer experience — and, as a result, your field service customer satisfaction.

In this blog article, we’ll look at 4 techniques for improving your field service, customer satisfaction KPIs and overall business health.

1. Personalized experience for field service customers

Over the last decade, the consumer environment has shifted dramatically. Despite the fact that the expression “customer is king” has been around for a long time, it has only recently become a widespread phenomenon. Customers will be more satisfied if you focus your offers on them, and if you take a step back, your competitors will be right behind you, ready to pounce on your market share. Customer insights may be leveraged to give a more tailored service using predictive analytics. As an example, assigning a field service task according to the customer’s desired time periods. Their preferences may be remembered from previous interactions and used to deliver customised value in order to increase customer satisfaction.

2. Enhancing field service employee skills

It is critical for field service workers to be knowledgeable of issue scenarios and technical guidelines in order to work more efficiently and quickly solve a problem at a client site. Past service data and records may be studied using analytics to get insights that can aid with faster issue resolution, better maintenance procedures, and even empower field associates with knowledge about what keeps a specific client engaged. If the majority of your field service efforts include sales and marketing, updating field employees with client preferences might be very beneficial. When service history is available for evaluating data patterns of comparable occurrences, faster diagnosis of problems are feasible. As a result, predictive analytics may help equip employees with the knowledge they need to match exact client demands and offer faster and more effective field service.

3. Consistent customer interaction

Customers prefer not to contact customer service until the problem cannot be resolved on their own. Customers strongly averse repeated calls from a business for following up with them for every single service update. In order to sort that, if customers can install a field service management software they can receive real-time updates on Technician arrival, payment information, and transactions via emails, SMS, or the customer portal. Customers would not feel isolated and will have constant access to data, which will boost customer satisfaction.

4. Automated workflows

The advantages of using a field service management application to improve client satisfaction are enormous. Even if customers have no involvement in the automation of workflows, the improved procedures can assist to reduce mistakes and improve customer satisfaction. Your field technicians are automatically scheduled, deployed, arrive at the customer location at the correct time with the proper equipment, finish the work assigned, collect customer feedback, take a photo, access crucial client data through the app, and bill and invoice in a legible manner. These tasks must be completed without leaving any room for clients to become frustrated or have a negative impression of your organisation or professional. Your consumers will appreciate the smooth, well-managed operations, and the first-time fix rates have a significant influence on customer satisfaction.

Any firm that fails to understand and address the demands of its customers, regardless of how the products or services are classified, will not be successful in the long run.

Digitize your business, automate operations, increase visibility, enhance business and staff performance, increase consumer trust, and propel your company’s growth and revenue.

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