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How Fieldy’s Field Service Invoice Software Can Ease Your Billing And Invoice Woes? | Comprehensive Guide

It’s no secret that the field service industry is booming. A book full of orders and a bag full of cash are the two main factors that determine the success of a field service business. But these two things can be a reason that your business may fall short!

Wonder how? Invoicing and billing manually with pen and paper is highly time-consuming and labor-intensive work. Particularly pending and delayed payments might affect the steady cash flow, and you might lose revenue. Pending payments could lead to unavoidable dispatching delays for the next job. How can you overcome these challenges and succeed in your business?

This is where Fieldy comes into play. The all-in-one field service management software to help you grow your business and streamline field service operations What did I mean by all-in-one? With Fieldy’s mobile field service app, you can automate all your field service operations, from quoting to completing payments, anywhere at any time.

You won’t believe what I’m about to disclose to you now, but you have to. With Fieldy, you can send invoices with a single click. Yes, in this blog, you’ll learn how Fieldy’s field service software helps you ditch time-consuming paperwork and ease your invoice and billing processes.

Why Manual Billing and Invoicing Is A Woe?

Before we dwell into the benefits of automated field service invoice software, it is essential to know what keeps your field service management from evolving. There are three pain points that you should be aware of: paperwork, human error, and labor.


Going paperless is still far away for many businesses. Approximately, it takes $25,000 to fill a 4-drawer cabinet with paper and $2,000 to maintain it every year. The paperwork alone costs more than using a field service management tool. Additionally to that, employees spend 50% of their time looking for information to complete their job.

Having a bundle of paper in your office leads to a mess, and no one would love to wake up and see piles of paper stacked up on their table. Your invoices may be lost in the shuffle, resulting in you losing money because you won’t get paid.

Human Error

To err is human! Even your best and most experienced employee can make this simple error, which leads to pending or delayed payments or maybe lost revenue. Thus, automated field service invoice software reduces errors and helps you get paid faster and with ease.


Besides the cost, you spent time documenting all the records, from receiving customer requests to delivering a first-rate field service customer experience and getting paid. You have to employ well-experienced resources for the back-end office to reduce the errors being made. According to the APQC research, typically, labor costs consume 62% of total AP costs. With the help of automated field service software, you can save on labor costs, streamline operations, and increase ROI.

What Is A Field Service Invoice Software?

A field service invoicing tool helps you automate the invoice and billing process to streamline and optimize field service financial operations, eliminate errors, and reduce delays.

How Fieldy Helps You Streamline The Billing and Invoicing Process?

Whether you’re a small- to medium-sized business or a big enterprise, Fieldy helps you make faster payments anytime, anywhere, with its in-built field service invoice software. One-click invoicing, a reminder to automate invoices, and on-the-spot payments

One-click Invoicing

Fieldy’s one-click invoicing feature lets you create and send invoices with a single click. This is very useful for businesses with large customer bases, continuous workflow, and the need to send out frequent invoices. This reduces the manual work of having to enter customer information, payment method, and invoice details. With Fieldy’s automated field service invoicing software, you can save time, money, and resources while delivering a great customer experience by generating and sending invoices promptly.

A Reminder To Automate Invoices

Two primary things can cause unpaid customer invoices: entering incorrect payment details and field technicians forgetting to deliver the invoices promptly. Fieldy not only helps you on the field but also off the field. Your back-end office staff doesn’t have to spend most of their time looking at customer data or scanning documents for unpaid invoices.

Fieldy’s inbuilt invoicing tool reminds you to create and send invoices upon task completion, ensuring that invoices are sent on time and payments are received without delay or pending. This benefits not only your cash flow but also the efficiency of your field technicians.

On-The-Spot Payment

Gone are the days of filling out work order forms and returning them to the office to generate invoices and send them back to customers to receive payments. But with the mobile Field Force app, your field technicians can send invoices with a click of a button on the delivery of service and receive payments instantly.

Field service invoicing software helps you generate recurring invoices with customer details on file and lets you automate and streamline cash flow. So you don’t have to worry about unpaid or delayed payment as invoices are paid after the job is completed. Fieldy’s integrated payment API allows your customers to pay you through PayPal, credit cards, UPI, and any other mode of payment they like.

Why Do Small Businesses Need A Field Service Invoice Software?

The reason why most startups or small businesses fail is improper cash flow and pending or delayed payments. Small business owners are wasting their valuable time chasing payments after job completion.

More than half of business owners (52%) worry about unpaid invoices. Late payments are the biggest roadblock to a small business’s growth. This is where field service invoice software helps you reduce your financial pain points and helps your business maintain a consistent cash flow.

Digitalizing Paper-Based Work

Going paperless is the fastest way to reduce errors and speed up the invoicing process. With the field service mobile app, you can store your customer information, work, and payment details to create and send invoices as soon as your technician completes the job.

This field service software also helps you store all your customer information, service history, and payment history on the cloud. So you and your customers can access everything without stumbling onto the pile of paper in the office.

Professional Templates To Speed Up The Process

Professional quotation, estimation, and invoice templates significantly speed up the process and boost team productivity. So the field technician doesn’t have to worry about entering all the details manually; instead, Fieldy helps them with ready-made templates that they can pick and edit as per the requirements. You can also customize the templates to include company branding and messages.

Final Thoughts

Fieldy helps you eliminate costly errors and makes billing and invoicing easier. The best field service management platform for business owners to keep track of their invoices, create quotes, send estimates, and receive payments Fieldy, the best FSM software with inbuilt invoice software, helps you save time and money by automating billing and invoicing and streamlining business operations with ease. Try Fieldy for free and see the difference it can make.

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