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How field service software can help you grow your business?

In the past 2 decades, field service management (FSM) has been slowly and steadily developing alongside technological advancements and changes in lifestyle. Tools/methods that were developed back in the 1990s, took FSM companies only a few steps ahead of paper-based maintenance management systems.

If you see now, Field service management is an immensely growing sector, and to become a successful FSM company you require heightened expertise in your approach. You’ll have to face lots of obstacles if you don’t opt for appropriate technology, from providing clients with easy-to-use mobile apps to offering your employees with necessary digital tools for heightened field efficiency.

So, why is field service software necessary?

The need for a tool to maintain/manage field operations is still understated, and several field service organizations insist on using spreadsheets to look after processes. Field service maintenance became more complex and time-consuming as businesses began expanding. Because of covid-19 epidemic, commercial firms started realizing the need for proper field service maintenance and are instantly adopting digital approaches for providing exceptional field management services. Top of all, in order to serve all the modern needs of a field services company, a Field Service Management Software must have advanced analytics, data management & protection capabilities, artificial intelligence, and cloud storage.

Let’s look at different benefits a FSM software can offer to you in scaling your business:

Increased FTFR rate

The technician you send must have the appropriate skill(s) and required spare parts and tools in order to successfully fulfill the job and thereby improve your FTFR rate. By adding advanced FSM software to your digital transformation strategy you can own the following:

  • Built-in algorithms in the FSM system can aid you in finding the most appropriate technician for each job.
  • Real-time tool stock information: It lets your service personnel keep track of common spare parts that they might need to accomplish the job, which is handy.
  • Tool booking: This helps technicians make sure that the tools required for a field service job are available, the planner can reserve them.
  • Job forms: Your technicians can handle scheduling, job estimates, checklists, troubleshooting, and work order data on-site with the readily accessible job forms. They can account for their work, follow job instructions, enter work requests while on-site, and respond to client inquiries. As a result, the first time fix rates are improved.

Simpler third-party integrations

It is a must for every field service management company to integrate their operations with multiple assistive tools, for example, CRM and payment gateways. These integrations are a must and are no easy job as they might appear. By offering the capability to work with a variety of software you are giving your customers the best experience possible. And by opting for advanced field service management software, you gain the power to integrate it with a tonne of useful features that can potentially round out your experience. This way, managing a field service business becomes much easier, as you have access to the right payment portal, CRM, and other needed tools. As a result, field executives, administrative staff, and customers have a spectacular experience.

Improved visibility into maintenance

When FSM software/systems are used to their fullest potential they can help businesses reduce repairs, provide management an enhanced view of the ongoing maintenance activities, offer step-by-step checklists with image or video files attached for field experts to approach problems in an informed way, and also gain customers’ trust. FSM software can show if your budgets are acceptable and are on track, as well as identify weaker areas of a technician so that necessary training can be provided. Senior field officers or management can make well-informed judgments with the help of detailed reports. Additionally, a 52-week PPM calendar can offer a quick overview of scheduled work for the day, month, or year all from a single source.

External contractors’ workflow

During the unavailability of in-house technicians or when there is a shortage of a particular expertise, field service businesses may need to procure technicians to fulfill service jobs from an external agency. To look after these components that are part of the holistic field service operations, FSM software can be used to build a dedicated workflow to specifically deal with external service contractors and their teams of technical experts.

Record field service/job evidence

To maintain and scale a field service business, on every job done, task data must be collected. This information can further be used to infer patterns of customer requests, identify peak months, and gain an understanding of how to best serve a customer. Additionally, next-generation FSM tools can help technicians collect field evidence and do much more.

Overall, when you adopt an all-in-one FSM software, managing data becomes extremely easier. And when you are powered with advanced field service management software, you can always stay ahead of the rest in the industry, get rid of paper works and offer the best customer experience.

With Fieldy, you can leverage the best field service automation! Fieldy will provide you with tools that are needed to digitize any kind of field service jobs you may offer, help you scale your processes, and increase your ROI.

Would you like a free demo to know why Fieldy is best for your business? – Hit us up here.

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