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5 Ways field service management software can increase your ROI

By 2025, the onsite services industry is expected to surpass $5.1 billion in market share. As a result, customers expect to receive enhanced service, at the right time and at the right place.

However, technicians have to combat several obstacles, such as: slow functioning equipment, limited access to data, activities that require manual entry, and so on and so forth.

With all the given obstacles, how can field service providers give their best? The answer is by opting a Field service management software. Field service management software can help organisations address 2 of the main concerns:

  • Ensuring workforce efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction

Field service management software and mobile apps have a variety of advantages, including making field technicians’ duties easier, increasing customer and staff happiness, and streamlining internal operations.

Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of field service management and how they relate to ROI of the business.

Field service management advantages

Tools like augmented reality (AR), cloud-based knowledge sharing, and field service management (FSM) systems are expected to be used in more than half of the field service organisations by 2025. In order to cater to the growing customer expectations, an exceptional FSM tool should reap ROI by not just reducing paperwork but also by speeding up invoicing and doing much more. It should also raise the productivity of the workforce, elevate customer experience, cut costs, and aid in boosting the company’s bottom line.

1. Seamless and streamlined communication

FSM software makes communication seamless and keeps the workforce connected, by helping them share information without having to go through tedious workflow. FSM software can be used to plan service calls by dispatchers. Additionally, field technicians can use the FSM tool’s mobile app to stay informed about their assigned jobs and also keep the customers aware about their arrival.

2. Time efficiency

FSM software helps contractors save time by making the processes efficient, also by making communication easier. With the mobile version of FSM software, technicians can save time by accessing and offering information to customers on the go. Similarly, dispatchers can save time by gaining visibility into customer data through a single platform.

3. Optimized staff management

Managing and scheduling a whole group of deskless workforce demands a lot of time and energy. Additionally, adding a last-minute emergency task can be extremely painful. By implementing a FSM tool, field service offering organisations can certainly benefit by bridging the gap between office, customer and the field.

4. Invoicing accuracy and efficiency

Field workers/technicians can make use of the field service management software to take notes in the CRM, generate invoices, and make sure they record signatures on the spot. With the paperless workflow of managing field jobs, technicians do not have the need to return to the office or produce papers once the job is finished.

5. Boost customer satisfaction

Customers always demand a seamless and more modernised service experience from companies. In order to satisfy their service-facing demands, companies use FSM tool to offer fully customizable portals with real-time notifications, two-way chat with their assigned technician, warranty coverage, and more.

With some of the FSM tools out there, customers can also be provided with technicians or specialists they are already familiar with, they will also have a database where they can view their whole order history.
This type of accessibility to historical information can certainly boost the consumer experience, having a great impact in the ROI.

FSM software solves some of the most prominent and frequent issues that often affect the continuous client experience a field service firm can/should offer a customer. Such as,

  • Inability to move the job to nearby technicians, due to the lack of visibility into technician’s location
  • Inaccessibility to real-time information on client’s requests, availability and more
  • Workflows that demand paperwork

With FSM tool field technicians can gain access to the information they need on their way to their next appointment and can stay aware of the whereabouts of a specific job.


The ultimate aim of a Field Service Management software is to eventually boost your bottom line. In order to get there, your entire field operation should be more efficient, by lowering operational costs, managing inventory efficiently, streamlining customer communication, etc. By cutting costs and by improving how your field service processes are executed, your ROI for investing in a FSM software can be multiplied many times.


A field service management software is one of the critical investments you can make to improve the overall operations and revenue of your company.

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