6 Ways to build customer trust & loyalty with your FSM software


November 10, 2021

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Great customer experiences breed loyal, repeat consumers. As a result, field service companies can expect to build stronger client connections by providing services that are faster, more consistent, and exceed customer expectations. Field service organizations can achieve so by implementing clever techniques that will improve the customer experience.
Well, remember that the customer is one of the most crucial aspects of running a field service company. It’s all too easy to get caught up in the service or product and forget that consumers are the lifeblood of any company. While every company needs to employ technology to improve customer service, combining the human element with field service management technology is a winning strategy.
Customer service might be difficult to come by in the field service industry. For starters, your consumers are served in the field, away from your “sight.” Coordination of service work is crucial, and it is more important than ever for everyone to be on the same page. Keep these 5 customer service recommendations in mind when you create your business plan.

1. Deliver a dynamic and transparent experience to FSM software your customers

Remember that your clients are continuously receiving offers from brands who want to sell them a fresh and immersive customer experience tied to a specific product in their private life. Don’t be surprised if these same customers have the same expectations in their work lives. That implies you’ll need to devise a strategy for engaging clients from beginning to end. You must establish a client experience that begins with their initial service request and continues until the invoice is received. At each stage of the service life cycle, it must also include the use of various channels to communicate with clients.
Using several channels to increase communications — text messages, emails — provides a vivid and dynamic interaction with customers. It also assists you in improving your brand image and customer perceptions of your organization. Furthermore, because consumers are often worried when equipment breaks down or stops performing properly, increasing communications and customer experience across the entire life cycle is a great approach to boost loyalty.

2. Improve the efficiency of your service agreement procedure in FSM software

Service agreements might assist you in securing repeat business. They also make customers’ lives easier. Customers should find agreements to be more cost-effective and involve less effort. Agreements must, however, be simple to understand and completed on time in order to be successful. Service agreements can be managed with the use of field service software. When agreements are up for renewal, the software should keep track of them and send out automatic service reminders. Some field management apps allow customers to pay for services while they are still in the field. Clients will appreciate how simple and quick agreement and invoicing is. Customers and office personnel will have less to manage if service agreements are automated with software.

3. Make appointment scheduling easier in FSM software

Nobody wants to spend 15 minutes on the phone trying to schedule an appointment with a technician. Customers want prompt service. If you can’t give this experience, you can bet your consumers will go to one of your competitors that can accept their calls right away or schedule service appointments online. Offer consumers a flexible schedule and many ways to contact you based on their preferences – phone, text, email, or the web — whether they’re setting up or adjusting an appointment time.

4. Offer FSM software with tailored customer experiences to each individual

Instead of a conventional service window, provide service when the consumer needs it and on their schedule. Allow consumers to schedule an appointment at their leisure. Allow personnel to access a customer’s past service history as well as common pain points linked with system and equipment failures so that they may better handle the customer’s unique issue. This not only allows your personnel to deliver a more customized service experience, but it also allows them to better manage their time.

5. Offer FSM software with self-servicing options to your customers

Self-servicing options will improve service to your customers by allowing them to enter service request tickets from a secure web interface. It will help reduce your administrative and overhead costs by providing customers with the ability to enter requests on their own, and at their own convenience. With self-servicing ability, customers can instantly create new service requests, order parts and materials, review sales orders, track job request statuses, etc all in a single app/web portal. More advantages of offering self-service options to customers include:

  • Reduce expenses of service and improve productivity
  • Save time for you and your customers by accelerating information flow
  • Higher service satisfaction for your clients
6. Automate your FSM software workflows

The advantages of using a field service management solution to improve client satisfaction are enormous. Even if customers have no involvement in the automation of workflows, the improved procedures can assist to reduce mistakes and improve customer satisfaction. Your field technicians are automatically scheduled, deployed, arrive at the customer location at the appropriate time with the proper equipment, finish the work assigned, collect customer feedback, take a photo, access crucial client data through the app, and bill and invoice in a legible manner. These steps must be completed without leaving any room for consumers to become frustrated or have a negative impression of your organization or professional. Your consumers will appreciate the smooth, well-managed operations, and the first-time fix rates have a significant influence on customer satisfaction.
Finally, whatever method you use to conduct field service customer satisfaction surveys, the goal is to gain actionable information. In other words, give consumers the opportunity to tell you how you can improve your performance and increase customer happiness with field service.
So, instead of asking a series of questions to get feedback on how excellent (or poor), your field service customer satisfaction is, ask a series of questions. Also, inquire about specific suggestions for how you could have done things better. Even if your field service operations have a high level of client satisfaction, there’s always something you can improve.
Our team of expertise developed a fsm software for the customers and has many more ideas handy on how to build a loyal customer base and ways to retain them. Drop us a line here.


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Fieldy FSM software - a business man walking across bridge while other man's hand holding it shows the trust and loyalty