What are the top 6 characteristics to see in a field service management software?




October 27, 2021

FSM software - women employee with prototype ideas

It’s critical to understand what features are available and what they can accomplish for your company before selecting the finest field service management software.
The world may be at a standstill, but your stack of documents on your desk isn’t. This is the primary reason for the existence of Field Service Management. By opting for Field Service Management software, we can put an end to endless papers loaded with repair orders and customer evaluations, nonstop phone calls to instruct your technician, and the inconvenience of printing, filing, and walking from office to office.
The characteristics of most field service management software systems are similar. The characteristics listed below are common in most systems. We categorised common features by overall business function to make navigating easier

1. Dispatching and scheduling in field service management software

This feature is at the top of the list and is a necessity when it comes to defining Field Service Management Software. Companies need a smart scheduling and dispatching solution to allocate personnel to work orders based on their availability, capabilities, geographic location, and severity codes. It eliminates the stress associated with drawing columns and printing schedules. It speeds up dispatching and gets the work done more quickly.

2. Field service management software with integrations

It is a necessary feature for Field Service Management Software to give consumers smooth service. GPS, QuickBooks, IoT, API, and many more connections that are common in most FSM software that aids businesses in data analysis and sorting. Finance, inventories, customer relationships, and time tracking may all benefit from integrations.

3. Work order management in field service management software

The appropriate and timely processing of work orders is known as work order management.
FSM tool with work order management capability will allow facility managers to keep track of and manage all work orders from a single dashboard.
The programme provides a single location for creating service requests, tracking job completion, and receiving real-time progress updates. It provides location managers with an advantage by allowing them to handle orders across many locations.

4. Field service management software with mobile app

When it comes to measuring the reality on the ground, the state of customer experience with field services (plumbers, electricians, drivers, HVAC, engineers, physicians, and so on) is still generally poor, and management is powerless to intervene since they cannot observe what is going on in the “field.” But does that imply that things will remain the same in the future?
What if FSM organisations could be empowered in a very easy way to operate in real-time and take a proactive approach to field management? What technologies are available to make Field Service Management more visible for both management and customers?
A suitably tailored Field Service Management mobile app is the answer. It also provides for the resolution of three major issues:

  • Improves productivity
  • Saves expenses
  • Boosts customer happiness
5. Inventory management in field service management software

Having an inventory management system comes with a slew of advantages. Inventory management saves time and money while helping you to quickly and efficiently meet your customers’ demands. Not only that, but when employed technicians have access to inventory components management, they are more productive and effective. Investing in inventory management improves communication across departments and simplifies communication from the field to the warehouse.

6. Data management in field service management software

Data is critical for enhancing visibility of your business operations, and being able to collect data from remote locations is especially crucial for field service companies.
Here are some aspects that are prevalent in data collecting and processing:

  • Time and expenditure tracking: Technicians may clock in and out of jobs to keep track of how much time they spend on each one.
  • Customize your contracts and forms to improve consumer knowledge and familiarity with your brand.
  • Electronic signature capture: Complete a contract in one email and allow field staff to capture digital signatures.
  • Reporting: Make use of the information obtained to develop business insights.

In the closing…
Every company needs a pillar to help it grow and chart its course to success. Field Service Management Software lives by this credo. Many are summoned, but only a handful have a chance due to their unrivalled characteristics.
Check out how FSM software can help you out in the journey of building a successful FSM business.


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FSM software - women employee with prototype ideas