How Plumbing Estimating Software Improves Bidding & Growth for your business




July 28, 2022

How to Improves Bidding & Growth for your business

Appropriate plumbing estimating software necessitates you with precise information about each job’s time spent, prices, and margins, and pricing services wrong — if bids are also too high or too cheap — results in losses and affects the company.

When compared to other service sectors, plumbing firms suffer the largest loss when business is booming since they have a large amount of new, typically small contracts to manage. Because of their busy schedules, they have less time to calculate estimates and write up proposals for customers.

Without plumbing estimating software, busy plumbers must either continue to rely on hastily written, often erroneous bids until they lose enough money to go out of business, or employ more office personnel to create estimates and handle all of their work.

Many plumbing companies ultimately reach a point where they require the best plumbing software in order to appraise work and handle bids more efficiently. Changing to plumbing estimating software is a no-brainer for plumbing firms looking to expand quickly.

We’ve been assisting residential and business plumbing companies for almost a decade, and we’ve learned a great deal about converting from a manual to a semi-automated plumbing estimating method.

1. Estimation and bidding are faster and more efficient

Just about any HVAC contractor faces a problem in generating high-quality proposals and turning them out fast. When you have an enthusiastic customer waiting and hundreds of possible bids to compete with, putting together bid paperwork and getting them authorized before submission might take weeks.

Although there are many other elements that influence whether bids are approved, contractors have a significant advantage in their capacity to swiftly put up an offer. More significantly, it reduces the overall cost and effort of the bidding process.

Contractors may produce more proposals in less time with plumbing service software, enhancing their chances of securing big contracts. When effectively deployed, HVAC estimating software is a ticket to commercial HVAC contractors’ success.

2. make it easier for your customers to get quotes

The procedure might be as inconvenient for you as it is for your customers. Techs are frequently entrusted with estimating on the fly in the field, but this requires clearance from someone in the office, which might take days.

That’s when technological assistance comes in handy. When your field technicians detect pull-through work, they may estimate it right away and send it to the office for finalization before the customer approves it. In one click, an authorized quote may be turned into a scheduled project for the field teams using modern plumbing service software.

For customers, this implies that everything goes more quickly. They have an issue, they get a quotation, and that they have somebody on the job in no time, addressing it. If they’re on a support contract and a required repair is discovered, they’re notified, given an estimate, and the problem is resolved. There will be no more nonstop back-and-forth or losing track of the original goal of the procedure. That’s not even taking into account the financial impact that well-executed maintenance contracts may have.

3. accuracy improvements

One of the most significant drawbacks of manual estimation is the possibility of inaccuracy and common human mistakes. Field technicians must typically contact dispatch to define jobs, compute prices, place orders, and obtain approvals.

This way of estimating and bidding projects leaves a lot of space for mistakes. It becomes considerably more difficult to track down any errors and hold people accountable. Plumbing dispatching software gives dispatch and technicians all the tools they need to build and change bids on the go. It also makes responding to RFIs easier because all of the essential data is stored on a single platform.

The correctness of your proposals becomes even more crucial for larger HVAC projects. If you bid too high, you potentially lose the job to a rival; if you bid too low, you risk losing money. Plumbing estimating software designed to address these issues is a game-changer both for jobs you get and the profit margins you earn.

4. Quote management made easier

When you’re working on (apparently) a slew of projects at once, having a system in place to manage your quotations automatically is critical. All of your quotations as well as other project information are kept in one place with a platform like BuildOps that has built-in project management tools.

You may also save and retrieve relevant photographs at any time. Customers are 3 times more likely to accept an estimate if it includes a photo or video, so this is a feature that both clients and contractors will appreciate.

To avoid prospects becoming cold, the correct plumbing business software helps handle resistant customers with follow-up calls and emails. A thorough solution is essential for keeping your initiatives going forward with little effort.

Fieldy’s quoting feature allows you to keep track of your quotes.

We’ve included a dedicated quotation capability in our all-in-one platform at Fieldy. It provides a single location for commercial contractors to produce and manage estimates, as well as other services and project management tools. To see how our entire solution can revolutionize your operations, try Fieldy now.


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