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February 23, 2022

A man with a brush painting a wall. Get top rating for your home service business in top 4 review sites

Every day, 12% of people searched for a home maintenance business on the internet. The numbers have spoken. You’re missing out on a lot of revenue if you’re not creating and monitoring review sites for your company. What’s the best place to start? You don’t have to conduct the research since we did it for you. Go on and learn about the top 4 home service businesses review sites so you can decide which one to list your home maintenance service company on.

1. Google My Business

Because Google is the most popular home service business review site across countries claiming your Google My Business page should be your top priority. Make sure it’s up to date with accurate information, such as hours and contact information. People may leave reviews directly on Google, but they also pull evaluations from all around the internet to impact your position. Higher ratings imply greater exposure.

Visit to claim your profile.

2. Facebook

Facebook is, coincidentally, the second most popular website across regions. Facebook is also an excellent platform for generating and marketing reviews. Facebook has a daily active user base of 1.47 billion people. Its sponsored content targeting tools allow you to pick and select who you want to target. The creation of Facebook pages is simple and free. But be careful: you can’t change or erase Facebook reviews that have been placed on your page. Request prior and current customers to like your page and write a review. Then you may start promoting to get others to read your 5-star ratings for your home service business!

3. Yelp

While Yelp is best known for restaurant reviews, individuals use it to get information on a variety of topics, including home services companies. Monthly active users on Yelp are estimated to be at 173 million. Many of them have the mobile app, which makes leaving a review on your business a breeze. Make sure you’re reacting to yelpers in a proactive and professional manner in order to persuade them to modify their review or at the very least mitigate the harm. On the bright side, Yelp reviews are usually picked up by Google, so you should take advantage of this platform to build trust within the prospects for your home service business.

4. The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The Better Company Bureau (BBB) is a well-known name in the business ratings and reviews industry. Based on reviews, you will be graded on a letter scale ranging from A to F. The amount of reviews, type of reviews, whether reviews have been handled, and your sort of company are all factors in determining your grade. Because the BBB has such a high level of trust, it may have a significant influence on a small firm. There are a number of other advantages to being a member of the Better Business Bureau. Access to workshops and other training resources is available in some cases.

Your SEO rating will improve if you have a well-established and consistent online presence across several domains. This increases the chances of a new client finding you. You may also build confidence with potential clients by using many sites with favorable evaluations.

Consumers trust internet reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to 85% of respondents. Are you ensuring that your company is portrayed in the best possible light across numerous review sites for home service business? You must double down on sourcing reviews on these sites, if you haven’t begun already.


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A man with a brush painting a wall. Get top rating for your home service business in top 4 review sites