Benefits of Mobile Invoicing for Field Service Businesses



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Benefits of Mobile Invoicing for Field Service Businesses

  • User blue icon Bala
  • Note blue icon10min read
  • Calendar blue icon15 Nov 23

Why Is Mobile Invoicing Essential for Your Field Services Company?

Despite what many people think, managing a field service company requires a lot of labour. Field service business owners must monitor many areas to ensure their business is profitable, from fleet management to making sure there is adequate inventory to complete tasks. However, with so much on their plate, invoicing is likely the area where field service business owners most require assistance.

A recent SAP analysis titled “The connected SMB: Implementing digital tactics to fuel growth” states that the typical Australian small and medium-sized business processes around 168 invoices each month. Combining this data with Deloitte’s results, which suggest that e-invoicing may save companies up to $20 each invoice, suggests that using digital invoices might result in monthly savings of thousands of dollars for firms.

You’re really in for a treat when you combine all of this with the versatility of mobile invoicing.

By using mobile invoicing, you can minimise the possibility of mistakes and make sure that everything goes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Would you like more information on how mobile invoicing lowers the likelihood of late and missing payments for field service businesses? Continue reading to see why one of the finest features for your field service company is mobile invoicing.

How does mobile invoicing work?

The technique of using a mobile device to generate an invoice as soon as an activity is finished is known as mobile invoicing. Error risk is reduced since there are no process delays and an invoice is delivered to the client very instantly.

Customers and service providers may view their invoices and past payments in one convenient spot as mobile invoicing is frequently integrated into service management solutions. Since you won’t need to use any additional programmes to transfer invoices or other confidential data over, this also lowers the possibility of fraud and interception.

The advantages of mobile billing

Cash flow and payment problems frequently impede the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Field service company owners may simplify their invoicing and make sure that every payment are received on time by purchasing a service management tool with mobile invoicing.

Given your field service company, consider mobile invoicing for the following additional reasons:

Increased Precision

The biggest advantage of using mobile invoicing on the spot rather than waiting many hours or days to send bills to your clients is probably increased accuracy. All the facts on the invoice must be filled in precisely since specialists will have the ability to transmit it very soon after the work is finished. If there is a difference, it may also be resolved immediately, eliminating the need for the constant back and forth that’s typical of orders that field service companies get.

Decreased Manual Labour

It sometimes takes a lot of work to create invoices manually using a third-party billing platform, from gathering information to outlining the specifics of each operation. You’ll be able to rapidly browse through prior tasks and transactions to learn all you require about a client’s payment history, since the application will have access to everything from payment history to previous invoice data. You can quickly keep control of all paid, unpaid, or outstanding transactions without having to manually wade through innumerable records if all of your invoice information is in one location.

Less Expensive than Customised Invoicing

In the past, sending bills to clients directly required printing, posting, and other time-consuming steps. You can reduce the expense of physically preparing each invoice by digitising your invoicing system, and you can also provide your clients the much-needed flexibility they require.

Enhanced Payment Schedules

Your clients won’t have to wait more than a few seconds to learn how much they owe you thanks to mobile invoicing on-site. Because of this, you should anticipate receiving payments considerably more quickly and experiencing less needless delays in your financial flows.

Enhanced Safety

Mobile invoicing companies make sure that their platforms are PCI compliant in order to maximise security. In this manner, there will be no losses and the technician, customer, and company can all relax knowing that the funds will be collected. It will just take a few minutes to complete the process from creating the mobile invoice to getting the money, allowing you to handle your finances worry-free.

Use Fieldy to Take Advantage of Mobile Invoicing for Your Field Service Business

Fieldy, which was created to help field service companies, now has a mobile invoicing tool that makes getting paid easier. Fieldy’s native interface to Reckon, MYOB, and Xero enables technicians to create invoices for both recently finished and previously completed work.

In addition, Fieldy automatically creates a PDF invoice for your records, only for your convenience. The programme also offers the option to produce a QR code, which enables the customer to make an online payment using their smartphone. Streamlined operations, faster payments, error reduction, and an enhanced customer experience are just a few of the benefits of Field Service Management Software with Fieldy.

Fieldy generates a unique payment link for every client and invoice in order to increase security. This almost eliminates the possibility of fraud or interception, ensuring safe and secure transactions each and every time.

If the client requests that the invoice be sent to them by email, Fieldy will automatically fill in the email address box using the client’s contact information. In order to avoid further problems, the technician can modify the status of the invoice to “Paid in Full” when a transaction has been successfully completed using Fieldy’s Pin Payment feature.

With Fieldy’s advanced mobile invoicing function, this vision becomes a reality. Why wait? Take the first step towards a streamlined future. Schedule your trial today and witness the power of Fieldy – Your Ultimate Field Service Invoicing Software.

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