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March 9, 2022

A virtual image of a man’s hand touching the security lock for data protection with the help of field service management software

On a daily basis, field service management software (FSM) can be quite beneficial in eliminating counterproductive losses. An integrated business service management software may save your company money on everything from costly communication gaps to outright thievery.It’s essential to pick the right technology for your industry, both in terms of capability and reliability.

Read on to discover about the most common sources of risk for your business and how Fieldy, a dependable field service management software, can help you prevent them.

Typical sources of risk for field management firms:

1. Broken security measures:

Many organizations aren’t aware of the dangers that come with cybersecurity failures. While the benefits and dangers of cloud computing tend to favor cloud-based services in general, many firms that use cloud-based management software fail to recognise the risks. It’s extremely simple to avoid security issues in cloud computing if you know that low-quality web-based field service management software frequently fails to properly encrypt web-based data. Because your databases aren’t encrypted or secure, they’re vulnerable to attack and theft, resulting in major data loss and leakage.

2. Ineffective data backup plan:

Each year, 6% of all computers experience some type of data loss, which may be disastrous for any business. Nearly 60% of businesses that lose data, shut down within six months, and even minor data losses can cause major financial problems. While most current systems have built-in backup procedures to assist avoid data loss, lower-quality field service management software frequently backs up, meaning that a single power outage at your providers’ location might result in you losing days, if not all, of data.

How Fieldy, a reliable field service management software can minimize risk

Service management software solutions like Fieldy can assist you in minimizing all of the above risks, lowering the likelihood of your company incurring avoidable costs and losses. By improving communication and merging your whole field service company’ processes into one integrated application, you and your employees will be much more informed and interconnected than ever before.

Mobile capability and security:

Most technicians are unable to transport a laptop to each location, which is why a field service management solution for mobile devices is offered. Technicians can keep up to date on their jobs for the day, interact with their home office and other technicians, and record key information about the job, such as inventory utilized, time spent, and client information and approval, using an appropriate tablet or smartphone. This has the potential to greatly boost employee satisfaction. The only thing to keep an eye out for is to ensure that such mobile applications are properly secured and protected from hacking.

Electronic signatures:

Keeping track of paper signatures for each and every service that each of your personnel provides can be a pain, especially when they are managing multiple jobs per day. Your client’s content is preserved digitally for simple access and reference with an electronic signature capture. This guarantees that all confirmations are tracked and stored correctly. This also safeguards you from claims made against your bills.

Customizable online quotes:

These are a huge help to your business in both directions. Your client receives a digital copy of whatever you quoted them for, and your firm receives a digital copy of the request, replete with customer information, request specifics, and any other information contained in the estimate. These aid in the streamlining of your procedures and the improvement of profitability.

Matching technician skills:

One of the most difficult aspects of managing field services is juggling many techs at once. Different specialists specialize in different areas; for example, one electrician may excel at breaker installation while another excels at light fixture installation. Your field service management solution can automatically make suggestions for which technician to use at which job after digitally assigning and ranking your employees with different skills. This greatly streamlines your end of the business. This also means that underqualified technicians aren’t allocated to assignments that are above their capabilities, lowering the risk of workplace injuries.

Electronic inventory orders:

Putting together an inventory order can be time-consuming. You have a full burden on your hands just tracking the amount of product used every purchase, tracking when inventory is stored vs. used, taking inventory, and deciding when to order inventory so it comes before you entirely run out. Electronic inventory tracking and ordering can help alleviate some of the load by automatically tracking product as it is used and ordering fresh stock when the amount held reaches a specified threshold. Inventory shortages are avoided as a result of this.

Fieldy, a reliable service management software solution was created specifically for the field service industry, making it easier than ever to create, schedule, dispatch, and track service calls for your field service company. We make it easier for your team to work together by allowing easier communication between your office staff and field crew, as well as providing your employees with a simple and accessible means to collect and exchange data. Even better, we use advanced security mechanisms and reporting capabilities to keep all of your acquired information safe, secure, and accessible.

Contact us today to learn more about Fieldy and the incredible potential it holds as a field service management software.

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A virtual image of a man’s hand touching the security lock for data protection with the help of field service management software