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Future trends of field service management

Field service management has transformed more in the last year than in any previous year. Due to the maturity of FSM software, many businesses have begun adopting its advancements and the technology it’s built on. Perhaps what we are seeing now is how field service management is being revolutionized by various needs of FSM businesses and how vendors are providing solutions for each.

Field service professionals are always on the lookout for what’s new in the space and often wonder what the future of the industry looks like. When it’s about modern technology, one should always be searching for new advancements/developments and adopt those that will give them an edge over their competitors. Currently, many new themes are emerging in the field service arena that will revolutionize the foundation of the industry. Several businesses will be pushed to test out their existing strategies and transform them all for better business outcomes.

In this blog, we’ll take you through some of the advancements that you can look forward to in the space of field service management.

Automated Field Service Management

Predictive maintenance is all about utilizing IoT and/or sensors linked with analytics and machine learning to forecast the tasks that will need maintenance in the future. It can also identify the right time for equipment to be serviced, aiming for all the maintenance to be finished just in time.

Some of the advantages of utilizing a predictive maintenance solution are:

  • Increased availability of the system
  • Reduced operational and repair cost
  • No unexpected breakdowns

While preventative maintenance helps us bring down the chances of a machine failing, predictive maintenance relies on data to suspect a machine’s likelihood of failure before it happens.

Automation in FSM

By deploying a field service automation solution companies can gain several advantages, including (but not limited to):

  • Field service automation software stores all data in an easy-to-access format, and provides an indexable archive within the solution, resulting in less or no paperwork to execute processes.
  • With mobile apps and access to smart devices that are linked to automated FSM software, technicians can instantly check their work orders, inventory allocation, service-level agreements (SLAs), and more, while out in the field.
  • For quick invoicing, technicians while still on-site can send all necessary details regarding their jobs to headquarters, including information such as time spent, components and supplies utilized, and even the client’s electronic signature.
  • Field service automation software provides dispatchers complete insight and access to technicians’ work schedules, allowing them to make modifications and updates to jobs on the fly if necessary.

Artificial Intelligence to Improve Field Service Excellence

AI, like IoT, is one of the most talked-about subjects in today’s business world. Field service managers may now take advantage of large volumes of data thanks to recent AI developments. FSM organizations may now swiftly assign tasks to the best-performing service technicians by integrating AI scheduling into certain business processes. Managers can use intelligent planning to look at the technician’s availability, skill set, and location to ensure the best and most appropriate technician for the job. AI can help improve first-time fixes, and drive customer happiness and income by reducing time spent scouting the same site multiple times.

Well-informed Dispatching

The dispatcher’s duty is considering becoming more informed, focused, and productive as AI is becoming good at finding the best technician and enhancing the recommended dispatch process. The dispatcher will be far more confident in their decisions as a result of the system’s increased accuracy, and the amount of time and effort committed to the dispatching function will be significantly reduced.


Field service is now proactive rather than reactive. These expanding field service trends can help you pivot if your goal is to empower technicians, boost customer interaction, and transform field service into a profit-generating arm of your business. The next step is to look at a comprehensive solution that will offer you with the tools you need to implement these trends.

Fieldy is a comprehensive field service management solution with robust features designed to improve every element of your field service operations, including customer asset management, work order management, and more.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the product, or other field service trends, or just to know how Fieldy can benefit your company.

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