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The Road To Field Technician Excellence: 7 Ways To Leverage Field Service Software For Improved Performance

Field technicians are the lifeblood of field service businesses. It’s very essential to keep them updated, upskilled, and equipped with the latest technology to improve their performance.

A field technician is responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and systems, ensuring that they work efficiently and operate without a backlog. Field technicians have to be efficient, organized, and proactive to excel in this role.

If you’d like to enhance your field technician’s productivity to deliver the best customer experience (CX) while increasing your ROI, there’s a way that you can achieve all this with Fieldy, the all-in-one affordable field service management software.

In this blog, we’ll assist you with how to leverage field service software to enhance field technician productivity and deliver an exceptional customer experience in the field.

What Is A Field Service Technician?

Generally, field service technicians are professionals who provide on-site technical support and services. Field service technicians are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining machines, performing preventive maintenance, and so on. To become a field technician, you need technical experience in the respective field.

Field service technicians work in various fields such as HVAC, plumbing, pest control, IOT, manufacturing, healthcare, the oil and gas industry, and commercial and home improvement. According to Zippia, there are over 502,469 service technicians currently employed in the United States, and 11% of them are female.

Field Technicians’ Roles And Responsibilities

Field service technicians play an essential role in running a successful field service business. Only a good technician knows that providing exceptional customer service is more than just getting the job done.

Exceptional Job Performance

Field technicians are responsible for providing excellent customer service throughout the installation, repair, and maintenance process. The best field technician should be excellent at what they do. They must understand and comply with regulations across industries, learn how field service technologies work, and help them solve problems on the spot efficiently.

Excellent Communication

What happens if your technicians don’t communicate with your customers properly and just get their work done, get paid, and leave? You’ll probably lose your customer base. It’s the basic role of field technicians to have good communication to explain how the system works, the regular maintenance they’ve got to do, and how it works. Technicians must be well-versed in their respective fields to teach their customers in the simplest way possible instead of confusing them with industry jargon. Also, communication is the magnet that attracts customers and helps you expand your business reach.

Ensures Accurate Reporting

Accurate reporting is mandatory for every field technician out there. It doesn’t matter how experienced or well-versed a technician is; if he or she can’t report their progress regularly, there’s nothing worse that could happen to the field service industry.

For instance, you might allocate your specialized technician to a specific job that is a top priority and should be taken care of immediately. If the technician completes the one he’s working on but forgets to log the reports, the records will show as incomplete, or he may have entered the wrong details of the work, which could lead to inaccurate invoicing. This affects the brand’s credibility, and customers may not prefer your service thereafter.

But there’s a way you can facilitate extraordinary field services while making zero mistakes in your reporting, invoicing, and billing. Field service software like Fieldy is designed to help your field technicians improve their efficiency and provide accurate service reports with prebuilt templates.

Importance Of Field Technicians

If you don’t know yet, thank you for your kind information. It’s the field service technicians who make all the difference.

In the world of field service, you know how important field technicians are. Without field service technicians, your business would experience downtime, lost productivity, and lost revenue.

  • Field technicians take care of preventive maintenance, repairing, and maintaining technologies or machines,
  • When a system fails, field service technicians are the first ones to contact for technical support to resolve issues quickly and prevent further damage,
  • Often, they’re the face of your business as they meet your customers in person. A field technician’s role is significant in providing the best customer service and retaining customers,
  • By combining their technical expertise and field service software, field technicians can maximize the effectiveness of their work,
  • Technicians with hands-on expertise in field servicing guarantee that a system or machine is safe to operate and prevent accidents and injuries.


7 Ways To Leverage Field Service Software To Improve Performance

According to a Zip Schedule survey, 80% of technical specialists believe that artificial intelligence would improve their talents and productivity rather than replace them.

Won’t you be happy to leverage your field technician’s productivity and deliver exceptional customer service, resulting in increased customer retention rates and ROI? Sure, you’ll be. Your field technician with field service software like Fieldy can revolutionize the whole business with its unmatched AI and IoT technologies and features. Let’s drift through the seven ways you can leverage field service management technology to swift your technicians’ abilities.

Mobile Field Service Software

50% of field service organizations use mobile technology to support their field technicians.

In this mobilized era, no one carries a laptop or suitcase full of files to get their job done but instead prefers to have all the information at our fingertips with the press of a button. User-friendly mobile field service software allows your technicians to access all the data and resources on the go, thanks to cloud-based FSM software.

With the help of the field service mobile app, field technicians can view all the job details, customer service history, and upcoming jobs and easily communicate with customers. This reduces the downtime with the helpful information in the device to get the job done and allows your technicians to respond to urgent requests promptly.

Smart Scheduling And Dispatch

With the adoption of field service management software, the average time to dispatch a field service professional has been reduced by 30%.

Aren’t you tired of being stuck in the loop of receiving orders, scheduling, and dispatching the right technicians for the right job? Worry not! Field service software is here to help you out. Field service scheduling and dispatch software automates scheduling and dispatching and allows technicians to receive real-time job alerts. Automated scheduling and dispatching solution saves you a tonne of time and allows your technicians to prioritize tasks based on urgency and proximity, ensuring that they complete jobs promptly.

Optimize Routes And Travel Time

With the deployment of field service management software, the typical field service business saves 20% on labor expenditures.

Are your customers facing longer wait times, resulting in a bad customer experience? Is your service order billing rising high because of gasoline costs? Optimizing your field technicians’ paths between them and the customer significantly reduces travel time and fuel costs and allows you to deliver the best customer service.

The field service solution integrated with a map helps your technicians avoid traffic areas to take the shortest route and reach their destination faster. Leveraging geolocation, map routing, and planning allows your technicians to do their job promptly and increase customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Data Collection And Reporting

According to Finances Online, 54% of technicians mention a pre-visit analysis of the service history as their most difficult challenge.

We all know that “knowledge is power,” yet most of the time we fail to put it to use. When it comes to field service, you should be well-versed to answer your clients’ inquiries. Leveraging field service software allows your technicians to access data, service history, and other valuable information to reduce the time spent troubleshooting.

For instance, let’s imagine that your field technician is working on an inefficient HVAC system that consumes a lot of energy and increases utility bills. Using HVAC field service management software, your technician can see that the system underwent an air filter change two weeks ago via the service history. This not only improves technicians’ productivity but also your first-time fix rate.

Enable Real-Time Communication And Collaboration

Collaboration and communication are the two essential factors that drive technicians to excellence. Field service software with communication tools allows field workers to send instant messages and real-time updates to their customers. This allows technicians to communicate with customers and deliver the best customer service.

Digitalized Inventory Management

Field service technology lets technicians manage inventory efficiently and effectively. With a digitalized inventory management system, your field worker can track inventory usage, view inventory stocks, and create purchase orders. That allows technicians to lower inventory costs, optimize inventory, and ensure they have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done.

Go Paperless With Automated Processing

With the deployment of field service management software, the typical field service business saves 20% on labor expenditures.

Automating the recurring process results in saving time and money. Automated field service software saves you from time-consuming manual processes and labor costs, helps technicians eliminate errors, and increases their productivity.

Streamline field service operations such as quoting a work order, scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, and payments thanks to field service software. This helps field technicians improve their efficiency and productivity.

Final Thoughts

The road to excellence is never an easy task for any field technician, but with the right field service solution by your side, you can provide field service beyond excellence.

Fieldy, the all-in-one affordable field service management software, is the perfect partner for your field workers to improve performance, boost productivity, increase ROI, and increase customer loyalty.

Book a free demo today and see how fieldy help your technicians to improve their productivity and help you expand your business.

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