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How to Satisfy Your Customer in Field Service? First Contact to Job Completion

The customer experience (CX) refers to the interaction between customers and your company, from the initial encounter with your advertisements to the completion of their work order. The opinion that customers form about your brand during this process can significantly impact their likelihood of choosing you for future jobs. This is why CX is so crucial – nearly 74% of Americans prioritize great experiences over products when selecting service providers. While essential industries like plumbing and roofing may always have work, providing a positive customer experience is key to ensuring that customers continue to choose your company over others. After all, it is widely known that it is more costly to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones.

In this blog post, we will discuss the most common challenges that field service organizations face in terms of CX and explore potential solutions to improve your CX strategy.

While your company may generate most of its revenue through product sales, the importance of field service should not be overlooked. Customers may become frustrated if they lack the skills or knowledge to use the product they purchased. By providing field service, you can maintain a relationship with your customers beyond the initial purchase. They can rely on your company for assistance whenever they require it, not just for the quality of the product.

Furthermore, field service allows your business to put a human face to your brand. Although customers may interact with your company before their appointment, they will likely not meet you in person until a service technician arrives. Therefore, it is essential to provide professional and efficient field service to make a positive impression.

Field workers operate under strict time constraints to complete their tasks and make a positive impression on the customer. Therefore, they must be adequately equipped to make the most of their time. Although there are various obstacles to achieving optimal field service and providing the best customer experience, it is still a feasible and valuable objective.

Your field workers are typically the only representatives of your organization to engage with customers in person, making their role in providing an excellent customer experience critical.

To start, it is helpful to divide the customer experience into manageable sections and identify opportunities to improve their coherence. For example, implementing a program that enables customers to access service information and schedule appointments online, instead of having to call, aligns with their expectations in a digital age.

There are various other approaches to enable exceptional customer experiences, and involving your workers is a crucial step toward developing long-term customer relationships.

Adopting Field Service Management Software Can Help Modernize And Streamline Your Business Processes

1. To streamline and optimize your business processes, consider investing in field service management software. Field service software can help you identify ways to improve your operations and make better use of your existing resources.

2. Field service management encompasses various everyday business processes, including assigning workers to work orders, scheduling appointments, dispatching workers in the field, and managing supply inventory.

3. An FSM program such as Fieldy simplifies these processes by eliminating the need for physical paperwork, improving job scheduling, streamlining work orders, increasing worker visibility, tracking job statuses, enhancing productivity, and lowering costs.

Consider Purchasing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software To Improve Your Interactions With Customers

1. To establish and nurture robust customer relationships, you need a dependable customer relationship management CRM software program.

2. With a comprehensive CRM system like Fieldy’s Core CRM, you can efficiently collect, manage, and organize customer data, all in one place.

3. By integrating with our FSM application, Fieldy’s Core CRM helps businesses of all sizes stay connected with clients, streamline work order management, and enjoy many other benefits, such as digital invoicing, mobile app functionality, and paperless document storage.

4. A reliable CRM system like Fieldy’s Core CRM is essential for effectively managing customer data, reducing work order management time, and providing accurate job status updates, all while enjoying the benefits of lead tracking, digital invoicing, paperless document storage, and mobile app functionality.

Gain Insight Into Customer Expectations – Here Are Some Ways To Establish This Program:

1. Create a feedback form: Draft a specific feedback form and present it to your clients. To ensure customer participation, you can have your service technicians administer the survey by providing them with a tablet or another mobile device that can handle survey technology. Customers can easily fill out the form after the job is completed while your worker tidies up.

2. Read customer reviews: Review sites such as Yelp, TrustPilot, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Manta are great resources for gathering customer feedback. If you haven’t already, list your business on these sites and read the reviews that come in, taking note of any patterns you notice. You can also integrate the function to leave reviews through a customer portal, which can make the process easier for both you and your customers.

3. Interact on social media: In this digital age, having a presence on social networking platforms is an excellent way to connect with customers and enhance your advertising strategy. Customers can comment on your page or direct message your representatives, providing insights beyond a simple review. You can ask them follow-up questions about their input to gain a deeper understanding of their experience.

4. Conduct online surveys: Provide your customers with a link to an online survey that asks questions about their experience, including what they liked and areas where you can improve. You can send surveys in a variety of ways, such as by email or by posting the survey directly on your website or social media pages.

Once you’ve collected customer data, identify any patterns or common themes that emerge and use them to create an action plan. For instance, if many customers mention that they would prefer more ways to request services besides calling your office, consider implementing a more convenient option such as online scheduling.

Ensuring that your workers are well-prepared can go a long way in delivering top-notch service. When your workers are aware of what to anticipate, they will be in a better position to provide excellent customer service. A prepared technician inspires more confidence in customers than someone who seems uncertain of their duties.

With access to a CRM, field workers can quickly access important customer data, such as work history and site characteristics, allowing them to determine the best approach to complete the job before they even arrive on site. For instance, Fieldy’s field service CRM software provides detailed profiles for each customer, which includes valuable information such as previous work order history and existing site conditions.

Ensuring accountability among your employees is crucial in optimizing your field service operations. With the GPS tracker integrated with Fieldy’s CRM and FSM platform, you can easily monitor your field technicians and keep them on track.

By keeping an eye on metrics such as time to site and time to completion, you can identify areas for improvement and optimize your field service processes. For instance, if you notice that your technicians take too long to complete jobs, you can use this information to pinpoint the factors contributing to the delay and develop strategies to reduce the time spent on each job. This way, customers won’t have to wait for too long to receive the service they requested.

Furthermore, the GPS data can be used for billing purposes, providing your customers with peace of mind that they will only be billed for the hours worked on-site. Additionally, GPS access can make it easier for your workers to find job sites, minimizing the chances of them arriving late.


Field service management software assists you in Clear communication, prompt and reliable service, transparency in the pricing structure, listening to customer needs and concerns, and follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction. Following these tips will help you deliver excellent customer service resulting in happy and loyal customers.

Fieldy, the all-in-one field service software strives to facilitate effortless field service operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience. Sign up and enjoy your free trial and modernize your field service business with Fieldy.

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