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Benefits Of Mobile Field Force Software For Technicians

Mobile field force software offers various benefits to technicians while they are on the job. Technicians can utilize the field service mobile app to obtain customer information, and service history, upload customer notes, upload images or videos of the work being done, track the time spent on each task, receive real-time updates on the status of active jobs, submit completed work orders, obtain directions to the next job site, and check inventory levels.

Well-Prepared For Each Task

The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled machine networking, providing field technicians access to valuable information through new data. In maintenance and building management, sensors send data directly to the ERP system via a cloud interface. If the measured values differ from predetermined standards, the system can automatically generate a work order for the field service. Simultaneously, relevant data, such as fault messages and information on the machine and building’ status are transferred to the work order and sent to the mobile app for field service. That ensures your field force is well-prepared for each task and anticipate issue to be resolved before arriving on site. As a result, the right tools and spare parts are available, leading to faster problem-solving and no surprises.

Automation Enhances Efficiency

Mobile field force software enhances technicians’ efficiency by automating and standardizing workflows. We will revisit the topic of digitalization later, referring to intelligent order management. All process steps are smoothly linked and automated, from booking an appointment and allocating an expert to route planning and billing in the ERP system. The mobile app for field service is a crucial component of the technical solution, providing necessary order data to your service technicians. Conversely, your field service personnel can utilize the mobile field force solution to directly transfer order-related information such as diagnostic data, working hours, and spare parts to the central ERP system via a cloud interface. Each piece of information initiates the following step in the workflow. Nothing is misplaced, no data is disregarded, and you save time-consuming coordination via phone or email.

Efficient Planning And Maximum Flexibility

Does your organization possess the necessary competencies to find straightforward routes among traffic? Are all processes and tools functioning effectively? Choosing a mobile field service software guarantees reliable and long-term planning. The benefit of standardized, integrated, and automated workflows is that you always maintain an overview. The complete data from the mobile service app, cloud platform, and ERP system is a valuable source of information. Take advantage of it and prepare for field service challenges with efficient planning. Furthermore, real-time access to all information enables you to respond quickly, even to short-term changes. Is a service technician unavailable due to illness or a scheduled service order delayed because of a lack of spare parts? Not an issue! You can optimally manage your service organization in such situations and maintain flexibility at all times using the mobile field service management software.

Prevent Any Disruptions Caused By Traditional Media

With the help of digitalization, you can now steer clear of interruptions caused by the media. Eliminate the need for paperwork with mobile field management software that serves as the primary digital platform for your service technicians. This field service management software provides your technical field service personnel with all the necessary information required to execute a service order from start to finish.

Moreover, after completing the task, your customers can confirm the order with a digital signature via the mobile field service software. As a result, you can now fully digitize most of the previously paper-based workflows, allowing you to say goodbye to the arduous and error-prone work reports.

Rapid Turnaround Time

By utilizing field service management software, you can achieve a speedy order-to-cash process with measurable financial benefits. The field service management mobile app’s integration with the cloud interface and ERP system facilitates faster and more efficient order processing, ultimately reducing the time it takes to complete an order and receive payment. This automated process includes real-time reporting of materials, spare parts, working time tracking, as well as arrival and departure times. As a result, the field service management mobile app allows for the prompt transfer of all the necessary information back into the ERP system via cloud synchronization, which can be used to generate invoices quickly. This accelerated process can positively impact your cash flow, as the quicker you send an invoice to your customers, the sooner you can expect to receive payment.

A Single View Of All Customer And System Data

Access to comprehensive customer and system data is critical to empower field staff to work competently and execute their tasks efficiently. With the mobile field force software or app, service technicians can view the entire customer and system history online, putting all the necessary information at their fingertips. Furthermore, the field service management mobile app facilitates the gathering of important feedback from each deployment, allowing service technicians to indicate which tasks have been performed and highlight any new information that may be relevant to their colleagues. This process builds a valuable knowledge base for all service technicians, enabling the identification and implementation of process improvements. By utilizing the field service app, you have a direct line to what’s happening on-site, which helps to continuously improve service quality. Thus, knowledge becomes a powerful tool in providing efficient service to customers.

Constant Consumer Interaction

Ultimately, your clientele reaps the rewards of an enhanced customer experience. The mobile field force app, cloud platform, and ERP system’s closed-loop operation minimize time-consuming coordination phases and inquiries. By accessing the information on the go, your service technicians can address your clients’ concerns directly at their location.

In addition, electronic correspondence with your patrons is streamlined. Your field service organization’s transparent order management enables you to furnish dependable information regarding scheduled deadlines, ensuring a seamless overall process and fostering a lasting customer rapport.


Empowering your technicians is a key factor for your field service business’s growth. Having mobile field force software incorporated into your business workflow is like playing a tough game effortlessly with a cheat code. Mobile field service software offers features like the ability to upload images or videos of work being done, create customer notes, check inventory levels, and a lot more to enhance technicians’ productivity and the company’s profitability. Make your field service operations more efficient with Fieldy’s mobile field service management software. Sign up for a free trial and streamline your workflow. No credit card is needed.

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