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5 Plumbing Sales Tips From Professional Plumbers to Increase Revenue and Grow Your Brand

Plumbing indis a unique company with its own set of obstacles. You must address two separate markets all year, unlike other businesses that may target a single demographic or rely on seasonal upticks to:

There will be 2 types of customers:

  1. The frantic consumer has a burst pipe or other emergencies and wants to contact a plumber as soon as possible
  2. The consumer who is looking for routine maintenance or installation takes the time to study and compare plumbing firms to discover the best fit for their job

To expand your plumbing company, you’ll need plumbing sales tips that cater to both sorts of customers while still competing in a congested industry. We’re not going to pretend there’s a one-size-fits-all answer.

The good news is that you may begin small and increase your revenue tremendously.

Plumbing Sales Tips From Professional Plumbers

Offer customer service of the highest caliber

  • Put the customer’s experience first
  • Real-time data can be used to demonstrate the efficiency

It may seem obvious, but strong customer service is the base of every successful plumbing company. When new clients contact plumbing service for the first time, they expect friendly, competent customer service representatives. They desire a rapid response and effective work when they require plumbing services from a local company.

First impressions, such as clean plumber uniforms and trucks, as well as high-tech solutions like cloud-based plumbing software, show that you’re serious about your business and will do the job perfectly the first time, thus making ways to increase your revenue.

Customers would appreciate it if you let them know when a technician is on the way to their house. Customers may trace their trip in real-time using dispatch software, which provides them with a photo and bio of the technician.

Profitable Dispatch

Send the appropriate person to the right task to increase your chances of closing plumbing sales/increase your revenue. While not every technician is capable of communicating well with clients, with the right dispatch software, you can ensure that your most competent communicators are dispatched to high-value assignments.

With the right dispatch software, you can assign certain abilities to specific technicians and create a technician scorecard to see who’s catching the most average tickets and producing the most leads to boost your revenue.

Give your technicians a leg up on the sales process by providing them with integrated property data information. This will allow them to learn as much as possible about the customer’s property, including any previously completed work or other communications with your organization.

Make Use of On-Site/Mobile Software

  • Demonstrate the worth of the good, better, and best possibilities
  • Provide consumers with digital estimates right away

Give your technicians the tools they need with mobile plumbing software that provides on-site quotes and estimations. Accurate estimations result in greater profit and boost your revenue.

Provide homeowners with a variety of alternatives to help them make a choice, including specific goods, better, and best possibilities. Customers are more likely to appreciate the value of the “best” choice when options are provided in this manner.

While at a customer’s house, technicians may also develop branded digital estimates, allowing them to make a quick choice regarding the service without having to wait days for an email or phone contact from your firm. In an emergency, when a customer wants their plumbing problem serviced right away, accurate, speedy quotes are critical.

Accurate Pricing

  • Provide reasonable pricing
  • For accurate estimations, use mobile software

Working backward, learn plumbing sales tips such as how much you—or a plumber in your company—need to make in hourly earnings each week to learn how to build plumbing pricing. Add in the costs of taxes, insurance, and overhead, as well as the profit margin, after establishing salaries based on real billable hours. Make sure your hourly prices are competitive by comparing them to those of other plumbers in your region.

Techs may search for particular sales tips and service descriptions with photos to enhance sales in the field. When discussing repair or replacement choices, technicians should show consumers precisely what they are proposing.

Estimates for Follow-Up

  • To capture plumbing leads, use the software
  • Make a long-term follow-up strategy

It might be tough to remain on top of issues like unsold estimates when a plumbing company’s day-to-day obligations are so hectic. According to Hunter, who presented a webinar on the subject, follow-up should begin 48 hours after presenting the estimate and continue until you receive a yes or no. Customers who aren’t ready to commit right away should be followed up with on a long-term basis.

So that unsold estimates don’t slide between the cracks, a mobile plumbing software will handle the work for you by sending out emails or SMS depending on your client data.


Whether you’re a long-time local plumber or a newcomer wanting to establish yourself as the ‘go-to plumber,’ there’s a market niche you can tap into to boost your revenue with a good knack for sales/marketing, and a good set of plumbing sales tips.

Determine what makes your firm special, and make sure your language and techniques speak to your target market so they conveniently boost your revenue. Spend a little time each week improving your marketing & sales skills, and you’ll succeed.

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