Field service software – 4 Biggest benefits for your growing business




March 2, 2022

A businessman holding a tab in his hand viewing field service software reports

Building a business is difficult enough, but delivering field services makes it even more difficult.

A field service business owner must manage the normal activities, such as efficiently scheduling projects and conducting inventory checks, while his or her employees are dispersed across multiple sites.

It’s why Fieldy was founded in the first place: to give businesses a better method to manage and monitor their field service tasks and personnel.

Field service management software can help your organisation develop in addition to providing excellent administration for your field service personnel.

1. Integration of management

You eliminate the need for manual field service processes. Make sure that any other management tools your company uses, such as CRM, payroll, industry-specific software, and so on, are integrated with your field service management software.

To obtain streamlined business management, make those software work in tandem with your FSM solution app.

Integration also eliminates the chance of duplication of data entry on both your normal system and your field service management software, allowing you to increase your efficiency and grow your business.

2. Better Tracking

Using field service management software allows you to keep better track of all aspects of your field service company.

  • Keep track of your inventory statistics in real time and know how much parts stock you have on hand and when it’s time to order more
  • Keeping Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) updated on a regular basis can ensure that your company is working smoothly.
  • Keep an eye on your technician’s performance. assuring high-quality work and, as a result, profit

Improved tracking of valuable data and analytics generated by your FSM software will help you grow your organisation.

3. Cost cutting

Cutting costs can help you improve your bottom line, and many companies do so by laying off technicians. There’s no need to opt for lay-offs as an option if you have field service management software in place.

You save money by eliminating the need for manual processes. There’s no need to hire back-office personnel to handle customer support calls or process paperwork requests.

For efficient field task administration, your field service software should meet all of your automated needs.

A cost-cutting example employing a field service app:

  • Keep track of how much your techs drive and devise alternate routes for them
  • Reduction of gas costs
  • Reduction of truck’s repair costs
  • Finding superior alternate routes can allow you to travel to more jobs in less time
  • Increase in the field technician’s efficiency
4. Automated systems

Without automated functionality, what good is field service management software?

Automation is a critical component of managing and growing a firm in any industry.

Here are some examples of field service automation capabilities and technologies that your software requires:

  • Create quotations and turn them into work orders.
  • Job scheduling and rescheduling
  • Accept jobs on the job Accept jobs in the field Convert jobs into invoices
  • Service of preventative maintenance
  • Updates on customers
  • Job reports that are generated automatically

With our Field Service Management Software, you may expand your business.

Automation, tracking, and workflow management are all features of field service management software that help firms thrive. Your business can function smarter and more efficiently while giving your field professionals the tools they need to accomplish their jobs well. You’re missing out on opportunities to build your business if you haven’t used field service management software yet.

Check out Fieldy today to see how it may help you expand your field service business


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A businessman holding a tab in his hand viewing field service software reports