2 steps to enhance service quality with field service management




August 5, 2022

2 steps to enhance service quality with field service management

Field service firms should aim to use paperless procedures, more efficient travel routes, and mobile technologies to improve service quality. Service quality is a significant difference in an extremely competitive industry. The ability and level of technicians are important to the achievement of aftermarket services. As a consequence, field service businesses must make certain that specialists receive all they need to execute their duties efficiently.

1: Eliminate paper usage

Service businesses can no longer afford to overlook digital workplace technologies in 2018. From planning to completion, field service management software plays a critical role in all aspects of service delivery. Field service firms may achieve three goals at once with fully digitized flow of information and the correct data management approach. They are able to:

  • Lower your operational costs
  • Boost the efficiency of field technicians
  • Customer satisfaction should rise
  • Everyone’s a winner
  • Dispatchers have all the necessary data to enhance and optimize travel routes
  • Customers will get real-time updates on what is the status of their service requests
  • Technicians can view their whole itinerary and review technical drawings and instructions while on the go using their mobile device
  • Administrators have access to a dashboard that displays the overall picture of all client activity, such as appointment timings, repair timeframes, and the number of active service calls

Reduce billing time and avoid typing errors

Going paperless also removes the inevitable mistakes that arise whenever people manually enter data. Technicians may now remark on service activities using drop-down options and checkboxes. They can also incorporate images and electronic signatures to verify that the work was performed correctly. Business systems including enterprise resource planning (ERP) and computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software should ideally be coupled with field service management software. Integration with information systems, which the Fieldy solution accomplishes through web services, cuts billing times dramatically. In fact, bills may be created automatically based on information given by the technician’s mobile app, such as service length, services completed, and replacement parts utilized.

Make travel routes more efficient

Field service management software also is essential for ensuring that technicians use the most efficient routes possible during their shift. The programme should be as simple to use as feasible, allowing dispatchers to shift service calls, adjust schedules, and allocate duties to other technicians by simply dragging and dropping. On a map, the dispatcher can track the movement of field technicians in real time. They now have the visibility they need to dispatch an urgent repair call to the nearby technician and, when appropriate, add nearby preventative maintenance jobs to a technician’s schedule.

Artificial intelligence and constrained planning

Field management software should allow for constraint-based planning, which takes into account technician availability and expertise, as well as client restrictions like service timeframes and contractual obligations. Artificial intelligence aids dispatchers in making choices by employing algorithms that examine all operational needs in a matter of seconds to establish the best schedule for each technician.


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2 steps to enhance service quality with field service management